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If you’d like to see a city in Italy that has yet to be invaded by tourists, Turin is the place to go. With a long and rich history, the city offers as many historic attractions as Milan and Florence, and it’s still got that authentic Italian energy.

Turin is the cultural capital of Italy; you’ll find some of the countries best Museums, Universities and art galleries. Discover the largest collection of Egyptian antiques outside of Egypt in the Egyptian Museum of Turin, which reopened in 2015. Visit the beautiful courtyard at the University of Turin- that was used in the movie the Italian Job. You’ll be drawn into the story of this university through its eclectic architectural styles that have been used as it expanded over the last six Centuries.

Head over to the Piazza Castello, dominated by the part- Baroque Palazzo Madama, it is also lined with museums, theatres, and cafés. As the political and cultural heart of Turin, you’ll find a vibrant energy in the air, with cozy little places to stop in for a cup of coffee or a meal without burning a hole in your pocket. Not to mention the exquisite Palazzo Reale that was built for Carlo Emanuele II in the 1600’s.

As the city that brought us chocolate, the Shroud of Turin and the Iconic Italian Car Fiat, you’ll have loads to see and do. Visit this unspoiled Italian city before the tourists start to catch on.

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  • the historic center of Turin is always open


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