The ice is finally thawing, and the sweet smell of spring fills the air. And where better to enjoy the longer days, finer weather and revived lush greenery than Paris, of course. Whether you're planning a weekend break, a leisurely vacation or have a jam-packed plan to visit Paris in a day, be sure to pack appropriately for the changing weather of spring with this helpful guide. From comfy shoes for Paris sightseeing tours to the best apps to explore the city like a local, here’s your essential packing list for Paris in the spring.

1. Comfortable Shoes

Ok this is top of our list for good reason! Walking is the best way to get a grip on the City of Light and take in its iconic sights and stunning architecture on the way. Whether you plan on booking some Paris sightseeing tours or opt to explore the city at your own pace, one thing is for sure – you’re going to need comfortable shoes. Treat yourself to some stylish trainer or flat boots so you don’t have to comprise style for comfort in the oh-so-trendy French capital.

2. Useful Travel Apps

We’re not saying technology will magically turn you into a Parisian, but it’s a good place to start. With super-useful apps like Duolingo and Google Maps, you’ll be navigating the city and interacting with the locals in no time!

If you’re planning to visit Paris this spring why not pick-up a bit of French before you go? Duolingo is a fun, informative and super-interactive way to learn any language. Perfect for beginners just starting out or those wishing to brush up on their language skills, getting a grasp on basic French will be invaluable for your Paris tour.

Let’s be honest, when exploring a new city you’re bound to get lost – and sometimes that’s how the best memories are made. However, is there anything more frustrating than rushing to get to the meeting point for a tour or attraction just to find out you’ve been going the wrong way? Probably not! Keep the misadventures to a minimum by ensuring you have Google Maps at the ready at all time.

No vacation is complete with TripAdvisor. From finding the best places for breakfast to reviewing your favorite sights or best Paris tours, TripAdvisor is your one stop shop for itinerary inspiration and travel advice.

3. Super-Savvy Neck Wallet

It’s sad but it’s true, like any popular tourist destination, Paris is notorious for pickpockets. Don’t let a handful of unsavory characters spoil your time in the City of Love. Get one step ahead of them with a clever neck wallet. These wallets are an essential for travelers everywhere and make it next to impossible for your valuable to be robbed. A good neck wallet should have space to fit your passport, phone, cash, credit cards and important travel docs neatly. It might not be the most stylish accessory, but you can wear it under your clothing if you want to be extra savvy while not comprising your style.

4. Adapter, Adapter, Adapter

We’re all guilty of forgetting this one. Who hasn’t checked it to their hotel and gone to charge up their cell phone, to notify their loved ones back home that they’ve arrived safe and sound, just to realize that they forget to pack their adapter? Sure, you can buy an adapter when you get there, but who wants to spend their precious vacation time going from store to store in a bid to find one? Also, if you’re staying in a tourist hotspot you can guarantee that you’ll be paying crazy prices for a low-quality adapter. If your Paris tour is just one stop on your Eurotrip then it’s worth investing in a good quality universal adapter that can be used in any European country.

5. Windproof Umbrella

Indeed, we can look forward to some sun and warmer days in spring but that doesn’t mean it won’t rain. On average it rains nearly fifteen days of the month in Paris. Having a compact, sturdy umbrella is essential when embarking on a day tour of Paris.

6. Sunglasses

Yes, you may get a little rain, but you will also get a lot of sun in Paris during spring! Don’t forget those sunnies to enjoy the stunning sights of Paris no matter the weather. Not only will they protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays, but they also make for the perfect accessory for those vacation photos.

7. Water Bottle with a Filter

Most water in Paris is totally safe to drink, but why risk it? Paris tours don’t come cheap. Save a few euro and have some piece of mind by carrying your own water bottle with a built-in filter with you while you travel!

8. Stylish Day Bag

Now we've shared a long list of essentials every visitor to Paris needs to bring with them if they are exploring in spring. Make sure you have plenty of space to carry them all with a trendy backpack. Carry your shopping, water bottle, camera, phone and umbrella without looking like a complete tourist with a stylish day bag fit for a Parisian.

Whether your vacation in Paris takes you on a tour of the Eiffel Tower or a day trip to Versailles from Paris, explore in comfort and style and stocked up with all your travel essentials with this handy packing guide.