French Food: What's it All About?

French cuisine is all about creating the perfect, delicate and sophisticated flavors using unique cooking techniques. When you are in Paris, you must make it a point to experience these rich tastes concocted using carefully selected local ingredients. At City Wonders, we plan special wine and food tours so that you can taste the best of local French cuisine on your once-in-a-lifetime trip to the City of Love.

What is French cuisine all about?

All French dishes have a central ingredient. The ideology of this cuisine is to use different ingredients and cooking methods to enhance the taste and quality of the main ingredient in order to create a harmonious dish. The flavors need to be layered by expertly sautéing, braising, roasting, broiling and poaching to bring out the perfect French taste.

Expert chefs agree that French cooking techniques are based in deep logic and every method is applied for a definite reason. For instance, beef stew is braised because the meet is very tough.

In France, each region has its own unique interpretations of ingredients. For instance, in the Basque region, chicken is usually stewed with earthy spices and vegetables. If you visit Burgundy, you can taste chicken in the form of Coq au Vin, a delicious dish braised with wine and cooked with mushrooms, garlic and lardons. In the restaurants and local pubs of Paris, you often get to taste traditional variations of different ingredients.

Typical French Meal

A typical French meal consists of three courses, starting with a simple appetizer and soup, followed by a main dish and finally, dessert of fruits and cheese. Be it bouillabaisse, cassoulet, crepes, Tartiflette, Soupe au Pistou or the many rich sauces, you can taste them all on your Parisian tour.

French meals are more than just about the dishes; they are about enjoying a complete experience. The smooth flow of the different courses of the meal on to your plate and the very joy of eating in the company of friends and family enhance the delicate flavors and make the experience very special.

French food tours at City Wonders

We offer different wine and food tours. Some of these tours include visits to famous landmarks in Paris. Some popular food and wine related tours include the VIP Louvre night tour with wine tasting, Loire castles and wine tasting tour from Paris and our Paris wine tasting class with walking tour. See our range of wine tasting tours for more!

Contact us to book an unforgettable wine and food tour of Paris or call 800-358-1942 for details.

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