Paris. The word itself conjures up images of style, romance, art, and design. If we think of various global cities as celebrities, then Paris has to be the number one supermodel of them all.

That’s until you meet Paris at night, who is a whole other glamourous creation. Our post will share exactly how you can meet and enjoy Paris after sunset and give you an insider’s knowledge of all the best things to do in Paris at night.

1. Visit a Wine Bar

wine bar in paris

Don’t overindulge as the wine bars of Paris stay open late into the night and you can refuel as many times as you like, but beginning your night with a few choice nibbles and drinks is one of the best things to do in Paris at night.

Small plates of some of France’s finest foods, including cheese and cold meats, and a choice of sweet wines is as Parisian as madeleines! Wine bars are dotted around the city but some of the finest can be found near Le Jardin du Luxembourg and in the 8th, 9th and 10th arrondissements.

2. Dance the Night Away

paris clubs

A night in Paris is not replete without a visit to a club, and the dancefloors of Paris accommodate a wide variety of tastes. DJs keep the crowds dancing until dawn at the classic Rex nightclub (near metro Bonne Nouvelle) and various other nighttime hotspots.

Paris has embraced Latin and Salsa dancing in a big way. Sip a Brazilian cocktail and get your groove on at Left Bank’s Cubana Cafe (you’ll earn serious arty points for partying in Paris’ traditional bohemian quarter), Barrio Latino in the 12th arrondissement or La Pachanga near the Montparnasse metro.

3. Glide Along the Seine at Night

seine by night

One of the loveliest things to do at night in the City of Lights, is to cruise along the Seine. Forget any thoughts of this being a cliche; watching the sites of Paris pass you by as you sail gently along the watery vein of this spectacular city will reveal Paris to you in a way land simply can’t.

Many beautiful places in Paris at night, including the Louvre, Pont des Arts and Eiffel Tower, that’ll you’ll see from your boat will show you just how beautiful and picturesque Paris is. (As if you had any doubts.)

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4. Get your Cabaret on

There’s something quintessentially Parisian about cabaret, and this art form is still alive and well in the French capital. Romantics have to make their way to the world-famous Moulin Rouge (near Blanche metro). Its touristy connotations do nothing to detract from its glitz, glamour and Belle Epoque credentials, and finding yourself here at midnight in Paris is an experience not to be missed.

For more serious aficionados, the Lido, on the Champs-Elysées, or the Crazy Horse, for adult-only burlesque performances, are well worth a visit. Crazy Horse is to be found on Avenue George V, and the 30 Crazy Horse female dancers go through 300 red lipsticks in a year!

5. Sample the Street Food of Paris

dessert in paris

Of all the things to do in Paris at night, enjoying great food has to be top of the list. After all, Paris is the gastronomic capital of the world.

Delicious street food can be found in the Marais district, especially on Rue des Rosiers, and near the Georges Pompidou center. Mediterranean and middle eastern food for unbelievably cheap prices attract crowds of people at these two locations. Always a good sign!

No matter what’s on your to-do list when you’re in Paris, you’re bound to find that the City of Light is as alluring after dark as it is in sunlight. To get a taste for it, just take our after-dark tour of Paris.