Versailles is a place steeped in history. A tour of this beautiful place takes you back in time to the former excesses of the French monarchy. The Palace of Versailles, which is the most prominent landmark here, was originally a simple hunting lodge way back in the beginning of 17th century. Over time, the structure was renovated and expanded to create one of the grandest palaces in the world. It was a major power center of the French royal family until 1789, when the French Revolution broke out, and the Versailles secret rooms are its hidden core.

Louis XV's Desk in the Palace of Versailles

Louis XV's desk in the Palace of Versailles

Exploring the Palace

Most tourists visiting the stunning Palace of Versailles tour the huge halls and grounds. The stunning architecture, ornate furnishings, gold leaf detailing in the interiors, gorgeous mirrors and the sheer luxury of the Palace is completely breathtaking. Spread out on 1,800 acres of well maintained gardens and lawns, the Palace is a pleasure to explore.

In addition to the spectacular halls and rooms, there is another very interesting part of the Palace – the secret apartments. These cavernous rooms played host to the French royals for hundreds of years. At City Wonders, we organize a special tour of the secret Versailles apartments.

Our English speaking guide narrates interesting stories about these secret apartments and keeps you captivated all through the tour. For instance, there is a story about how the royals had to sleep in public when they had guests or court members staying with them. Only when the guests left could the royals retreat into their private chambers. But they had to be back on their public beds before sunrise so that people could see them waking up from there. There are several such stories that you’ll enjoy on the tour.

The Palace, as it stands today, is only a reflection of the past because much of the original furnishings were burgled and destroyed during the French Revolution. However, modern restoration works have been able to reinstate its past glory to a certain extent. With the restored interiors and the detailed explanations from our knowledgeable guide, you’ll easily be able to visualize the original beauty of the Palace.

The Secret Rooms

The secret rooms are hidden from view by a secret door. Once you enter these doors, you are transported into another world altogether. You don’t have to wait in long queues to gain entry into these rooms because we arrange your tickets beforehand. You need special tickets for entry into the secret chambers.

If you would like to explore the dazzlingly ornate private side of the French monarchs check out the City Wonders Versailles Secret Rooms Tour.