The majority of Romans may not be able to tell the difference between Rugby and American football, but a sizable population of American football fans follows the game so closely that you won’t miss the excitement during your Roman holiday. There are several pubs and sports bars in Rome that air the games live.

Highlander Pub

Highlander is the pub to visit when you want to watch American football in Rome. This Scottish pub is equipped to telecast five games simultaneously. What’s more, the pub offers special goodies as well. For instance, if you order 4 pints of beer or certain drinks, you get a special edition t-shirt free! Excitement starts in Highlander a few hours ahead of the match. You get plenty of amazing deals, happy hours as well as a beer pong tournament.

Hard Rock Café

At Hard Rock Café, you can enjoy the unique experience of watching football with the Italians. This pub sometimes also brings in teams from the Italian football league, making the experience all the more special. The pub dishes out drinks, popcorn and local snacks at good deals too.

Abbey Theatre

Abbey Theatre is a large Irish pub located at a short distance from Piazza Navona. Here, you can experience the mixed culture of Italy, Ireland and of course America. The pub has fourteen television screens that air all the major sporting events. So, this is one of the best pubs to visit for watching football. While you enjoy the matches, don’t forget to sink your teeth into some delicious Irish snacks, famous Irish whiskeys, long drinks and cocktails.

La Botticella

If you are a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, La Botticella is your destination. This pub is a base for supporters of the Pittsburgh Steelers in Rome.

Tips for watching American Football in Rome

Owing to the time gap between the United States and Rome, many games are telecast late in the night. This can be a challenge in some bars that close early. In Italy, there are very strict rules on closing times for pubs and bars. Nevertheless, some good bars in Rome remain open late into the night, until 2 am and beyond. Be sure to check this with the bar to avoid disappointment.

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