Some people love everything about flying, some experience crippling fear for their lives throughout, and some are just completely indifferent to the entire experience. But one thing everyone dreads is the prospect of a long-haul flight. The frantic rush through the airport, sleeping upright, and feeling a bit restless and stiff after the first few hours are feelings we’ve all been familiar with. But we have to make sacrifices in order to explore and see the world, right? Today’s post aims to make your next flying experience a breeze, as we’re bringing you our top tips for surviving a long-haul flight.


1. Be Prepared for the Airport

There’s nothing worse than the initial scramble to pack and get to the airport in one piece. Trust us, we know from experience! Start prepping for your flight in the few days beforehand. Pre-book your seat, so that you know exactly where to go and can potentially sit with whoever you’re traveling with. Have your passport and boarding passes at the ready, as well as your hand luggage and cases. Be sure to rest up beforehand, and plan a comfortable outfit for the flight, as there are few things worse than sitting on a plane for 15 hours in constricting clothing! Try to make sure you only bring the essentials, to avoid being entirely overwhelmed upon sitting down on the plane. It’s going to be a long one, so you might as well make it as easy for yourself as possible!


2. Have Things to Do During the Flight

Kind of an obvious one, but we thought we’d mention it anyway. Whether it’s a book, an iPad (on flight mode of course) or some work that needs completing, make sure that you have something to fill out your time while you’re up in the air. Spotify allows you to download playlists to play offline, similar with Netflix. Couldn’t make time to binge-watch a new series or your favorite movies? Well now’s your chance! Also, if you plan on sleeping on the plane, here’s the best way to do it: wear loose, comfortable clothing, bring ear plugs, an eye mask and a neck pillow, and wear a cosy sweater that you can potentially use as a blanket. You’ll be dozing in no time!

Business class

3. Upgrade Your Flight

This is kind of a last resort, but if you can afford it, why not? You’ll have priority check-in and boarding, meaning that you avoid all of the long lines and are the first ones to get to relax on the plane. With wide and spacious seats, extra leg room, blankets, pillows, recline, and better-quality food and drinks (essentially the works), you’ll be able to relax or sleep in comfort for the duration of your flight. You’ll also receive top-notch care from your steward/stewardess, who are there to provide the very best in personalised service. No flying experience is perfect, but you can be assured that it’ll feel all the more comfortable and luxurious if you upgrade!

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