Because everyone loves a spot of vintage shopping, are we right? With the opportunity to find the ideal piece to perfect our wardrobes that’s had several lifetimes of its own, we can’t really say no. With that said, in today’s post we’re chatting you through our guide to London’s thrift stores in order to find the best vintage pieces.

Vintage shopping

1. Absolute Vintage

It all began for Absolute Vintage by selling vintage shoes in Notting Hill. The aim was to provide something completely unique and fresh to the customer that they couldn’t leave behind. The original store opened in 2003 within a warehouse in an old brewery and has come along in leaps and bounds within the last 15 years. With a niche market at hand that was becoming popular at a speedy pace, Absolute Vintage progressed to having concessions in shops like Topshop and miss Selfridge, as well as a flagship store in bustling Oxford Circus. With two additional online stores, AV Online and Miss Vintage, they make sure that there’s something for everyone at Absolute Vintage.

Thrift shop

2. Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro made its make on the world with its warehouse beginning in 2002, situated in East London. Selling vintage wares from around the globe, BR had an ethical and sustainable mindset whilst providing pieces that would be loved by their customers. They’ve grown at a speedy pace over the years, now boasting 8 more stores as well as a successful website and online shop. Now established as one of the leading vintage retailers across the UK and Sweden, their globally sourced produce and team of vintage specialists perfect the thrift store experience for one and all.

Thrift store

3. Rokit

Starting off with a bang in the mid-1980s, Rokit began with a stall in the famed Camden Market. At the time, they specialised in vintage denim from the days of American cowboys, the demand for which was skyscraper-worthy in height. The company grew quickly, transforming from a single stall to a two-storey shop almost instantaneously and steadily expanding to 3 more stores in major parts of London. Rokit work to transform and perfect their pieces, ensuring that each one is in optimum condition and one of a kind. Their loyal customers love them for their diverse viewpoint on vintage fashion and always bringing the best-of-the-best produce to the table for fashion lovers everywhere.

Outside a thrift store

4. East End Thrift Store

If styles from other countries are your thing, then look no further than East End Thrift Store! With everything from the ‘20s to the ‘90s, East end Vintage hone in on ensembles and pieces from French, European and American vintage. They host events within the warehouse store throughout the year and charge as little as £1 per item, which is a crazy bargain not to be missed if you’re a fan of all things vintage. And with weekend sales for £10 or £20 per bag, can you honestly go wrong? Nah, we didn’t think so either.

Thrift shopping

5. Reign Vintage

Are you a luxury or designer fan? Then we’re sure Reign Vintage will be right up your street! Focussing on long-term pieces that you’ll want to keep forever, Reign Vintage hone in on special one-off and vintage classics, that will slot right into your personal style like clockwork. Even if designer pieces aren’t necessarily your thing, they sell high street brands too, catering to both men and women. So, with all that in mind… Shopping time anyone?

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