Ever asked yourself 'Why visit the British Museum?' For anyone with even a remote curiosity for the arts and history, visiting the British Museum is an enriching experience. With over eight million exhibits, the museum takes you back in time to the ancient eras of human development and civilization. The entire museum is devoted to the history and culture of humankind, with exhibits from all continents.

A Brief History of the Museum

Sir Hans Sloane, a reputed physician and scientist as well as an avid collector, is largely responsible for the stunning collection at the British Museum, which dates back to 1753. However, it first opened its doors to the public on January 15, 1759 at the same site where the current museum stands.

Over the last two and a half centuries, the museum has been renovated and expanded in order to accommodate the growing collection. Today, the museum sprawls over one million square feet and houses one of the most extensive collections dedicated to human history.

As you walk through the museum listening to our expert guide narrate the amazing stories behind various exhibits, you experience a sense of oneness with your human ancestry and deeply appreciate the colossal journey that we have made through the eons of history. The intense feeling, as our clients say, is deeply moving and humbling.

What Can You See at the Museum?

Our British Museum tours are two and a half and hours packed with the best of the most important exhibits. Our guide takes you through the Egyptian Room housing ancient mummies. Get to know Cleopatra’s unbelievable true story, see ancient sphinxes, the Rosetta Stone and numerous sculptures. You can also visit the exhibits of the Ancient Greece to see the Parthenon Frieze and several other invaluable relics.

The exhibits from the United Kingdom and the surrounding areas are a delight to see. This section of the museum contains artifacts obtained from the Anglo-Saxon ship burial site, discovered in 1939, at Sutton Hoo. This exhibit has a very interesting and dramatic story. You’ll enjoy hearing the engaging saga from the guide.

Highlights of the British Museum Tour

We make sure that your tour of the British Museum is easy and hassle-free. You are provided with headsets so that you don’t miss out on any interesting bit of information that the guide shares with you.

Groups of Twenty or Fewer

Since we plan the entire tour for you, you won’t waste time fussing around with maps and trying to find the right display halls. We make sure that you cover maximum ground within the short duration. Tours are offered every day of the week.