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Florence Duomo Cathedral Fast-Track Guided Tour

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30 min.
Mon to Sat
11:00, 13:30 & 15:15

  • Visit this masterpiece of medieval architecture in the heart of Florence with our Skip the Line access breezing you past the crowds. Our passionate English-speaking guide will make sure you have time to appreciate the beauty of the cathedral.
  • Listen to fascinating stories surrounding the over 200-years of construction while you gaze at frescoes by Vasari, elegant stained glass, and intricate marble floors, all under Brunelleschi’s revolutionary dome.
  • With small groups and tickets to the Museo della Misericordia next door, this tour is fast, efficient, and comprehensive allowing you to get the most out of your time in Florence.

Tour Description

What's Included

  • No-wait access to Florence’s Duomo
  • Expert, English-speaking tour guide
  • Entry tickets to the Museo della Misericordia
  • Gratuities

Sites Visited

  • Florence Duomo Cathedral

Towering over the center of Florence, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is a breathtaking sight. But even more impressive than its beauty is the story behind the structure. 

From the 7th-century church that originally stood on the spot, to the final completion of the dome in 1436, you will learn the history of this architectural marvel. Your expert English-speaking guide will lead you through the cathedral while explaining the fascinating story of almost two centuries of building. Their commentary will include the new construction process that was invented by Brunelleschi to complete the dome above, which you'll be able to view in detail from the ground floor of the cathedral. 

As you learn about the Duomo’s creation, you will view the beautiful marble floors, elegant stained-glass windows and stunning frescos including Vasari’s The Last Judgement. And with our no-wait access, you’ll be able to avoid the long entry lines and spend more time enjoying the sights within the cathedral.

This tour also includes tickets to the nearby Museo della Misericordia. You can visit this jewel of a museum on your own to see its selection of Renaissance paintings and learn about the history of the ambulance corps that was founded to deal with the Black Death. 

Please note that the Museum closes at 4:00 PM. If you booked a tour at 3:00 PM or 3:30 PM you can visit the museum before your tour (by presenting the voucher at the entrance) or on the following day.

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