Beautiful view of Florence at Night
Piazza della Signoria at night with Palazzo Vecchio
Walking in Florence at night
Fountain of Neptune in Piazza della Signoria at night
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Private Legends & Ghosts of Florence: Night Walking Tour

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2 h.
Mon, Thu, Fri & Sat

Hidden under the ultra-civilized veneer of Renaissance Florence is a cutthroat city that holds many secrets. This private tour takes you and an engaging guide through the dark alleys where murder was the norm and the creativity that the city became famous for also had a vicious underbelly.

  • Adventure through Florence with engaging local storyteller
  • Walk in the footsteps of the cutthroats that worked Florence
  • Hear the stories of plagues, invasions and power-hungry families
  • Dedicated Audio headsets so you never miss a thing

Your Private Florence tour unique experience

What's Included

  • Engaging, English-speaking guide
  • Dedicated Audio headsets so you never miss a thing
  • Gelato in a traditional Florence gelateria
  • Gratuities

Sites Visited

• Palazzo Strozzi
• Palazzo di Parte Guelfa
• Piazza della Signoria
• Galleria degli Uffizi
• Ponte Vecchio
• Palazzo Pitti
• Palazzo di Bianca Cappello
• Gelateria

Discover the shadow side of Florence on this private storytelling tour, roaming the city on a Tuscan night uncovering the enigmas and tales that hide beneath its Renaissance fame. Over the course of two hours our expert, English-speaking storyteller will show you the Florence that visitors miss. You’ll discover what the city was like before Michelangelo and Botticelli got to work and before Il Duomo rose over the city. This was a time when Florence was under continuous attack from aggressive armies and under pressure from megalomaniac families inside the walls.

Medieval Florence and its Mysteries

Our private Florence Night Tour dives into the Florence of the medieval period. It will take you through the city’s streets to a few districts off the beaten track. Of course, you’ll also visit places like Ponte Vecchio bridge and Piazza Signoria, but you’ll discover stories from a very different world than that usually described by the Renaissance historians.
At Palazzo di Bianca Cappello, you’ll hear about one of the most captivating romances of Florence involving a Grand Duke, his mistress and an underground tunnel. For years there was mystery surrounding them but thanks to the recent improvements in science, your guide will now be able to give you the complete story behind their premature deaths.
As you roam through the Florence streets your guide will show you the dark alleys that were once closed because they were too dangerous for the public. This was a city where brothers fought brothers in vicious vendettas. Nosy neighbors were kept away from matters that did not interest them by pots of boiling oil poured from rooftops. The stunning public spaces that are much admired by architecture geeks were the backdrops to the executions that kept the citizens in line.
Our private Florence Night Tour offers a more earthy view of the city. These are the stories that would only have been whispered in the Accademia, Uffizi or Duomo. And with a skilled local storyteller to unpack Florence, you’ll leave with a bleak version of what this stunning city was like in the hidden years before the Renaissance thrust it on to the world stage.
To sweeten the night, we’ll finish at a local gelateria for one of the famous desserts of Florence. Take some time to reflect on the stories and chat for a while with your guide about the reality of life in the Middle Ages.

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