Traditional British Ale and Food Tasting Pub Evening and Class

Traditional British Ale and Food Tasting Pub Evening and Class

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Tour Highlights

  • A relaxing evening in a traditional, historic British pub
  • Expert-led class: learn about different ales & how they’re brewed
  • Taste six diverse types of ales in a variety of flavors
  • Enjoy customary British foods made with fine local ingredients
  • Evening educational experience led by expert cask master
  • Intimate group of 20 people or fewer


real english ale

Cask Ale the English Way

You may know it as 'Real Ale'. Brewed in England for hundreds of years, this breed of beer finishes maturing in the pub, not at the brewery, and is served with natural carbonation only.

english pub food

Munch on Pub Food Including Fish & Chips

Taste a selection of traditional English pub food, including authentic fish and chips, all perfectly paired with the amazing ales you will be discovering.

English Ales on Tap

A Dedicated Cask Master at Your Side

Enjoy entertaining insight from a dedicated cask master who will enlighten your palate to a whole range of flavors. Whether beer enthusiast or newby you'll cherish every sip.

Tour Description

If there’s one thing Britain is famous for, beyond its iconic sights, it is pubs. A cultural phenomenon in its own right, this region’s beer-brewing background spans over centuries, and today it is more popular than ever, experiencing a huge revival of craft breweries springing up across the country.

This is your opportunity to not just taste the variety of hop-infused flavors the region is producing, but to learn about the art of creating it. Just like wine, each variation has its own aromatic experiences. In this evening adventure, you’ll be led by a real, expert cask master who will teach you about the brewing process, how best to taste and enjoy each brew, how to properly store beer, and most importantly, how to serve it.

Not sure which types of beer you like: dark, ruby red, or pale ales? You’ll have a chance to discover them all as well as specialty ales, refreshing London Lager and even a gluten-free beer, while tasting traditional English dishes and which foods pair nicely with which beers and why. This class serves customary cuisine made freshly on-location by a chef using the best local ingredients, including: mini steak and ale pies, wild boar and chorizo burgers, mini fish and chips, Gloucestershire old spot sausages, British cheddar cheese and much more!

Beer aficionado or just a fan of hearty hops, by the end of your 2-hour evening course you’ll know which is your favorite and be able to order a full pint or bottle of your most-liked libation accompanied by the history of Britain and its rich culture, history and customs. Ask all the questions you like as well as advice and insights about London’s other sights and scenery to enjoy on the rest of your trip.

Everyone who visits the United Kingdom should stop at a pub (or two or three) while they’re here. But before you make the crawl from one to another on your own, make sure you’ve enjoyed this informative and entertaining cask class so you’re armed with everything you need to know to make the most out of each brew and the food to pair it with. Home-cooked traditional fare, high-quality ales and great company - it’s a guaranteed evening to remember.

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What's Included

  • Tasting class with expert Cask Master
  • 1/3 pints of 6 different ales
  • 6 different tasters of traditional British food
  • 1 pint of beer at the end of the evening
  • Small groups of 20 people or fewer

Sites Visited

  • Historic pub in central London location


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