Tourists watching dolphins swim of the coast of Key West
Girls snorkeling  in Key West
three dolphins swimming in the ocean
Fury Boat cruising by the coral reef in Key West
Tourists doing snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Key West
National Park & Natural Reserve

Marine Life Experience: Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling in Key West

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Several Departure Times

  • Enjoy a fantastic time off the shore of Key West, discovering the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and everything it has to offer on a comfortable and stylish catamaran.
  • See majestic bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat - watch as they play together, dance among the waves, feed and swim. Let their natural beauty take your breath away on this Dolphin SMART-certified tour.
  • Then you’ll get to snorkel for an hour in the spectacular crystal-clear blue waters of the Key West wildlife refuge area where you will discover all of the incredible species that call this part of Florida home!

Tour Description

What's Included

  • 3-hour boat tour 
  • Dolphin watching experience
  • 1-hour snorkel experience
  • Reef-safe sunscreen
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Expert tour guide narration
  • Complimentary beer/wine
  • Fees and taxes
  • Optional Gratuities
  • Snacks

Sites Visited

  • Key West’s Reef

Discover the Very Best of the Aquatic Nature of Key West

Climb on board a catamaran and head out into the Gulf of Mexico to discover the wonders of this beautiful area - from bright blue skies to crystal clear water to a wealth of incredible species, you’ll have your breath taken away for the entire three hours of this amazing tour. Have fun in and on the water as you experience the most wonderful side of Key West!

First and foremost, you’ll head out to see some dolphins in their natural habitat. This tour is certified by Dolphin SMART, a national organization that protects and promotes the responsible observance of dolphins - which means you get to enjoy this tour safe in the knowledge that you are doing absolutely no harm to these majestic creatures. You’ll see them swim, feed, play and bask in the sunshine during your time on board. Bringing a camera with you on this tour is a *must* because you’ll want to remember your Key West dolphin experience forever.

Next, you’ll visit the Key West wildlife refuge. Here you’ll get the chance to snorkel in the gorgeous water - all snorkel gear is provided, so you can join in with the opportunity to float in the shallow backcountry and see all of the wonderful species here. From mahi mahi to blackfin tuna, bonefish to common snook: keep your eyes peeled because there is so much to see beneath the waves on this amazing snorkeling experience.

You’ll travel in comfort and style on this tour. Reef-friendly sunscreen is provided to ensure you stay safe while protecting the beautiful reef too - and you’ll even get a complimentary beverage to enjoy on board! Sit back, relax and feel the breeze on your skin as you marvel at the biodiversity of this wonderful part of Florida. This tour really is one of the best ways to discover Key West and make the most of your time here!

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3 Reviews
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