Helicopter & Plane Tours

Helicopter & Plane Tours

Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the Magic City

Miami might be the perfect place to relax on the beach, but don’t miss the chance to see the city from up above - from take off to landing you’ll be in awe as you drink in the breathtaking scenery below!


A New Angle

You can’t get bored if you are always seeing things in a fresh way, so take to the skies to see Miami in a different way

Exciting Commentary

Listen to stories and facts about the Magic City as you look down at everything it has to offer

Various Aircrafts

See the city from up high - Miami Beach, the Scarface mansion, and Biscayne Bay by helicopter or plane.

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Fall in love with Miami from the sky


For something a little bit different, take to the skies to see what Miami has to offer from a bird’s-eye perspective. If you’re after a bit of a thrill while visiting this amazing city, a helicopter or plane ride are a great way to explore - and you’ll be treated to an entertaining live commentary to help you understand what you’re seeing below you. Bring the city to life from way up high and experience an unrivalled adrenaline kick! From the moment you hear the propellers until the minute you land again, you’ll feel the excitement running through your veins on our Miami helicopter tours.

The ground may have sandy beaches and bars to relax in, but there is nothing quite like seeing the coastline - Miami Beach and Biscayne Bay, out into the Atlantic Ocean - from the window of a plane. Admire the view of Fisher Island and Venetian Island, check out the famous condominiums and see if you can spot any celebrity homes (like J-Lo’s!) from the comfort of your helicopter ride. It really is one of the best ways to see Miami - and it’s something you’ll never forget.

With various routes on offer from a 6min. helicopter ride around Fort Lauderdale to a 30min. sunset plane ride to Hollywood Beach & Fisher Island, choose your perfect sky tour of Miami and fall in love with this vibrant and remarkable city from a whole new angle. Flying is one of the most fun things you can ever experience, so this is an amazing way to level-up your trip to Miami and make everlasting intimate memories with your travel party… It’s the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, too!

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