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Naples Food Tour with 6 Authentic Tastings

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2h 15min
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  • Enjoy six tastings at some of the most renowned food stops in Naples, featuring local specialties like buffalo mozzarella, pizza fritta, taralli, and pagnuttiello. Our local guide will lead and entertain you with fascinating stories and insights into the culinary traditions and history of Naples.
  • With groups of 12 people or less, you'll have the perfect opportunity to fully savor each tasting and engage with your surroundings.
  • Visit the historic sites of Rione Sanità, including the Palazzo dello Spagnolo, Totò's childhood home, and the Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità, for a perfect blend of delicious culinary delights and cultural enrichment.

Tour Description

What's Included

  • 6 Authentic Food Tastings
  • Groups of 12 People or Less
  • Expert, English-speaking Tour Guide
  • Gratuities

Sites Visited

  • Rione Sanità Neighborhood
  • Palazzo dello Spagnolo
  • Totò’s Native House

Savor the Flavors of Naples

Experience the vibrant essence of Naples with our comprehensive street and food tour, featuring a lively exploration through the Rione Sanità district and other captivating parts of the city!

Our tour begins with a warm welcome at the Marketplace of Vergini, setting the stage for our culinary adventure. Our first stop is Antica Enoteca Sepe, a family-owned "Enoteca" in the heart of Naples. Francesco Sepe, the fourth-generation owner, is affectionately known as the "Maradona of wine." Locals love to gather here and fill their jugs with red wine, or simply enjoy a glass of sparkling wine from the tap. You will do just as the Neapolitans do, enjoying the rich flavors of this beloved wine shop.

Next, we head to one of Naples’ most renowned structures – The Palazzo dello Spagnolo – where we admire its architectural splendor from the outside and delve into its intriguing history, gaining a detailed explanation of the building's significance.

We then visit La Piccola Italia, where you will indulge in one of Naples' most famous delights: mozzarella. Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, renowned for its creamy texture and distinctive flavor, holds Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, ensuring high quality and authenticity. This artisanal cheese, made from water buffalo milk, is a true Neapolitan delicacy.

As we walk through Via Montesilvano, we explore the typical "bassi" houses and visit Totò's native house from the outside, soaking in the charm of his early years and enduring legacy. Our journey continues at Tarallificio Esposito, where you'll discover the beloved taralli, traditional Italian snacks made with care using authentic recipes and locally sourced ingredients. On our tour, you'll enjoy two varieties of these delicious biscuits.

We then arrive at Piazza Sanità, where you'll view striking murals and take a quick visit inside the Basilica Santa Maria della Sanità. If interested, you can also explore the San Gaudioso Catacombs, an ancient burial site dating back to the 5th century that is adorned with fascinating frescoes and burials.

Continuing our tour, we visit Palazzo San Felice from the outside before heading to Pizzeria Concettina ai Tre Santi, where you can relish the famous fried pizza, or "pizza fritta." This iconic dish features dough filled with ingredients like ricotta, provola, cicoli, and tomato sauce, then fried to crispy perfection. The result is a delightful contrast of textures and flavors that exemplifies authentic Neapolitan Street food.

We conclude our tour at Pasticceria Poppella, a historic bakery established in 1920, famed for its traditional Neapolitan pastries. Their signature creation, the Fiocco di Neve, is a soft bun filled with creamy ricotta that has gained widespread acclaim. The bakery’s dedication to quality and tradition attracts long queues of locals eager to savor its delightful offerings.

We’ve made sure that every bite, and every step, on our Naples Food Tour immerses you deeper into one of the most renowned food capitals of the world.

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