Best of Louvre Masterpieces Tour with Mona Lisa
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Best of Louvre Masterpieces Tour with Mona Lisa

4.91 2,695 Reviews

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy Skip-the-Line Access to the Louvre Museum
  • Cover the Louvre’s most important masterpieces including the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, & Winged Victory
  • Hear insights about the artwork from your passionate, expert guide
  • Audio Headsets so you don’t miss a thing
  • Continue to explore after your tour with all-day Louvre tickets


Skip the Line and go straight into the Louvre to experience this massive museum’s best pieces on our Louvre Masterpieces tour. Choose from a 1.5 hour look at the top works or a more in-depth exploration on our extended tour. Each comes with an expert, local guide and audio headsets so you don’t miss a thing!
Mona Lisa Painting Portrait


No trip to Paris is complete without a pilgrimage to the world’s most iconic painting. See the Mona Lisa through the eyes of an art expert with insights from your guide.

Guide speaking to the group


Skip the Louvre’s famously long lines with our special access and spend more time visiting the most stunning works in history..

Louvre Museum Close up by Day


Enjoy an expertly-planned itinerary of the Louvre’s top sights couples with insightful commentary to make the most of your trip to this massive museum.

Tour Description

As one of the world’s largest, most impressive art museums, it’s easy to get lost in its seemingly endless corridors, but we’ve crafted our fully-guided Louvre museum tours to cover only the greatest masterpieces within these famed walls. We’ll whisk you through the halls and exhibits straight to the must-see pieces: no lines, no waiting, all enjoyment.

After meeting with your guide, you’ll be sped straight past the thousands of people that line up daily to get inside. You’ll marvel at the subtle details, true stories and amazing history that your expert guide unveils about each of work of art.

The most irresistible of these is of course the Mona Lisa, which has been steeped in legend for centuries. Regarded as unfinished by Leonardo, it is most likely a portrait of Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a wealthy Florentine cloth merchant that he painted between 1503 and 1506. One thing is certain, it must have been an object of meditation for the artist, and much of this energy can still be felt. Your guide will provide you with a number of interpretations, and you'll be able to decide for yourself just what it is that makes her gaze so penetrating.

You’ll also see the Louvre’s other two famous women: the Venus de Milo and Winged Victory of Samothrace, as well as embark on a journey across the history of painting and sculpture with the most representative works. After the tour, you will be free to continue exploring the Louvre knowing you got the full story on its essential masterpieces, or you can move on to your next Paris activity without weighing down your day with a longer tour.


Choose our extended tour for a more in-depth look at the Louvre’s masterpieces. You’ll enjoy all of the must-see highlights described above plus some of the other most important works of art the museum has to offer.

You’ll visit the 4,000-year-old Great Sphinx of Tanis before graduating to the Louvre's Greek and Roman antiquities. Then, see famous works by Da Vinci and Raphael, as well as lesser-known gems for a complete view on this influential period in history.

Move through the golden age of French Romanticism with the masterful allegories found in Delacroix's 'Liberty Leading the People' and Géricault's 'Raft of the Medusa'. Learn how the former doesn't depict the French Revolution, but an uprising against the restoration of monarchy in 1830, and the distant message of hope the horizon conceals in the latter. Two other sculptures your guide will take you to are Michelangelo's 'Dying Slave' and Antonio Canova's monument to the purity of love 'Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss'.

With so much art, it's easy to forget that the Louvre has a separate history as the Royal Palace before Louis XIV moved the court to Versailles. In the Apollo Gallery you will catch a rare glimpse of what the Louvre's interior looked like before it became a museum in 1793, as well as the Crown Jewel collection. In the Napoleon Apartments you'll get a taste for the equally sumptuous interiors during the Second Empire (1852-1870).

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve visited the Louvre many times, our fully-guided tours are the perfect way to experience the art, history, and culture of the world’s most-visited museum.

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What's Included

  • Reservation & entrance tickets to the Louvre Museum
  • Expert, English-speaking tour guide
  • Headsets when appropriate, so you can always hear your guide

Sites Visited

  • Louvre Museum 
  • Courtyard of the Louvre Museum

Important Notes

Due to increased security measures at many attractions some lines may form on tours with 'Skip the Line' access.


Best of Louvre Masterpieces Tour with Mona Lisa Reviews

4.91 2,695
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