Beautiful view of the Colosseum
Beautiful view of the Roman forum
tour guide entering the colosseum
View of the Colossseum from the Panatine Hill
Beautiful couple taking a picture inside the Colosseum
Reserved Access

Private Colosseum Tour with Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

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Several Departure Times

  • Make the most of your vacation time and head straight into the Colosseum, free from the notorious crowds as the site welcomes just a fraction of the usual visitor capacity. Then, delve deeper into the Roman Empire on a guided tour through the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.
  • In the company of your passionate, dedicated guide, explore the Colosseum like a VIP. Marvel at the tier-upon-tier of seating and imagine a time when they were full to capacity with bloodthirsty spectators calling out for more.
  • In the company of an expert, English-speaking guide, explore the Colosseum at your own pace as you navigate through the crowds on this truly intimate experience.

Tour Description

What's Included

  • Expert, English-speaking tour guide
  • Intimate private experience
  • Reserved Access to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
  • Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill entrance ticket and reservation fee
  • Gratuities

Sites Visited

  • Colosseum
  • Palatine Hill including view of Circus Maximus
  • Roman Forum/“Via Sacra"

Visiting the Colosseum is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that stays with visitors for a long time after they’ve returned home. Make the best of your bucket-list day with your own private tour, spending time at the sites that interest you most and finding answers to all your questions. There is no better time to visit the Colosseum, as visitor numbers have been dramatically reduced and you will be able to marvel at the awe-inspiring site without having crowds of other people around you!

For three hours your dedicated English-speaking guide will lead you around the three major sights of Ancient Rome – the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. As experts in their field, our Rome tour guides are the perfect people to lead your Colosseum adventure, telling you the stories that bring the stones to life. Hear about the Emperors who built, burned and rebuilt the Colosseum; debunk popular myths about the mighty gladiators (many of whom chose this profession!), and learn about some unlikely uses for an amphitheater that once held 82,000 Ancient Romans.

With our guides on hand to answer all of your questions and tell you the stories and legends you’d never hear otherwise, you’ll get more from an hour in the Colosseum than you could in an entire day with a guidebook.

We have Reserved Entrance Access not just at the Colosseum, but also at the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill – which is exactly where you’re going next. While the Colosseum may be the biggest draw card in Ancient Rome, the Palatine Hill is more important from a historic and archaeological point of view, as the birthplace of this mighty empire. Here you’ll hear about the abandoned boys raised by a she-wolf, and see the foundations of ancient palaces.

The Roman Forum is the most telling of all the ruins. This was the heart of Ancient Rome, home to its moneylenders, stores, political rallies and the famous Via Sacra – ‘The Sacred Way’, once marched by victorious Roman armies on their return home. Here your guide will unravel some of the most interesting tales of Ancient Rome. Stories of the rise and fall of Caesar or the Vestal Virgins who were endowed with the power to choose life or death for condemned men.

While the Colosseum is undoubtedly a highlight of any tour, it’s only a fraction of the full picture. Dig a little deeper with your own expert guide, rebuilding the great empire of Rome from the ground up on our Private Colosseum Tours – perfect for that once-in-a-lifetime visit.

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