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Wine & Dine: Pasta Making in Trastevere

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2h 30min
10:00, 13:00, 17:00

  • Master art of pasta-making with the guidance of a seasoned chef, as you learn to craft two distinct pasta varieties using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Gain hands-on expertise in creating authentic Italian pasta from scratch.
  • Enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of a 17th-century villa nestled in Trastevere, a charming district renowned for its picturesque allure, as you embark on a culinary experience fit for Italians themselves.
  • Enhance your gastronomic adventure with a curated wine tasting session featuring exquisite local red and white wines. This semi-private experience, limited to 14 participants, ensures an intimate setting, and you'll leave with a personalized certificate commemorating your culinary achievement.

Tour Description

What's Included

  • Hands-on pasta-making experience with a seasoned chef
  • Wine tasting featuring a selection of regional wines
  • Locally sourced, high-quality ingredients for cooking
  • Delectable lunch or dinner, showcasing your handmade pasta creations
  • Small group of 14 people or fewer
  • Authentic Italian recipes & certificate to take home
  • Gratuities

Sites Visited

  • Trastevere
  • Borgo Ripa – Ancient Villa

Make your Italian culinary dream come true in the heart of Trastevere! This is the pasta-making experience you've always wanted – one that will make sure your pasta at home is certified by Italians themselves. Nestled in a charming 17th-century villa, it's your chance to get the secrets of crafting pasta from scratch. Guided by an expert chef, you'll roll up your sleeves for an interactive lesson, creating two distinct pasta varieties.

Throughout the experience, you'll connect with local experts who share insights and techniques for achieving pasta perfection. Celebrate the simple joys of crafting delicious pasta atop the beautiful atmosphere of this ancient Roman villa.

Wrap up your experience with your relaxed and well-earned meal – a cozy, flavorful moment to savor the genuine tastes of Rome and bask in the satisfaction of your culinary accomplishments. Plus, take home a personalized certificate as a cherished memento of your pasta-making success.

Elevate your Roman holiday with this immersive blend of history, cuisine, and unforgettable moments, fulfilling those pasta-making dreams.

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