Vatican Early Morning Tours

Vatican Early Morning Tours

Exclusive access before the crowd


First Entry

Enter the Vatican before the crowd, be among the first to put foot inside the Museum.

Sistine Chapel at its Best

Be the first inside the Sistine Chapel and admire it without the crowds

VIP Breakfast

Exclusive American-Style Breakfast in the Charming Vatican Courtyard

View the Vatican as the Sun Rises


For some, vacations are about packing as many new experiences into the day as possible. If this is you, our Early Morning tours are reason enough to throw off those covers. While the rest of the world snoozes, imagine exploring the quiet corridors, hushed chapels, and tranquil gardens of the Vatican.
All our Early Morning tours get you into the Vatican before 8 am. This gives you plenty of time before the rest of the visitors start to clog up the place. Imagine watching the Vatican staff arrive while you snack on pancakes or croissants in the center of the courtyard before exploring the Museums? Our VIP Breakfast Tour lets you do this.
If you prefer paintings to papal breakfast, our Exclusive First Entry: Sistine Chapel & Vatican Museums Tour drops you directly in the most famous chapel in the world before freeing you to wander the other museums as your own pace.
On each tour, your guides will share their obsessive knowledge and love of the artworks and secrets of the Vatican spaces. Having a head start on the crowds makes this an incredible and often emotional experience. Whatever you choose, enjoy the rest of your day at your leisure.

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