Explore the wonders of Rome with City Wonder’s unique Rome tours. With our Skip the Line Access, you’ll save time and avoid long lines at Rome’s world-famous monuments, such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon. You’ll get up close and personal with Rome’s iconic sites – the Palatine Hill, ancient Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps and more - on our walking tours of Rome, or enjoy our scenic day trips to Pompeii and Tuscany.

Our company has operated tours in Rome for more than ten years, so we can offer you unique tour experiences, including special access to places not open to the general public. Imagine visiting the Colosseum’s lower level, where gladiators prepared to fight to the death; looking down at the arena from its top tier; or seeing the Colosseum in a whole new light - at night when the crowds have left.

Are you a mystery fan? How about an Angels & Demons tour of Rome that takes you to the sites of Dan Brown’s blockbuster novel…or a tour of Rome’s crypts and catacombs? If you’re an art lover, you shouldn’t miss our tour of the Borghese Gallery and its beautiful gardens. Then there are the day tours of vineyards – Frascati and those of beautiful Tuscany. Too tired to travel? Enjoy our Roman wine and food tasting that lets you taste Italy’s regional cuisine without leaving town.

Traveling in small groups with English-speaking, expert guides who can make even the most ancient site come alive with their intriguing stories, you’ll find our pantheon of Rome tours unforgettable.


As an official Vatican partner, City Wonders can offer you special privileges at one of the most popular destinations in the world. You will have more access to the museums’ enormous collection of art, and you’ll be able to enter the museums before other tour groups – a real advantage at a site visited by millions of people.

Imagine entering the museums before the museum staff arrive to have a banquet breakfast in the Pinecone Courtyard. That’s just one of the unique experiences we are proud to provide.

With our many different tours of the Vatican Museums, you can experience them as you please. Moreover, some of our exclusive tours offer special access to areas usually unavailable to the public, the Bramante Staircase, the Niccoline Chapel, the Chiaramonti Room, the Gallery of the Statues, the Room of the Animals, and the Open Loggia, to name a few.

When you visit the Vatican Museums with City Wonders on select tours, you’ll enter directly through our exclusive use of a separate entrance. Our early morning tours enter 15 minutes before other tour groups and more than an hour before the general public. This will afford you ample time to see powerful works of art such as the “Creation of Adam”, painted on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel and gaze at another masterpiece, “The Last Judgment”.

Traveling in small groups with trained, English-speaking, expert guides who can make even the most ancient site come alive with their intriguing stories, you’ll find our Vatican tours unforgettable.


City Wonders offers many different Venice tours of the fascinating “Floating City” and includes Skip the Line Access at major attractions, such as St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace.

See Venice your way with a gondola ride or VIP tour, get off the beaten bath in picturesque neighborhoods or on artisanal islands. Here are some of our most popular Venetian tours.

Our best of Venice semi private tour includes a water taxi along the Grand Canal. Sites include St. Mark’s Basilica, the Rialto Market, Bridge of Sighs, Accademia Gallery, and Marco Polo’s house. Or, be a VIP on our full day tour. In both cases, you will have special access to the terraces of St. Mark’s Basilica with their beautiful sweeping views of the city.

The Doge’s Palace Secret Itinerary provides special access to a secret wing of the palace, the symbol of Venice. You will see sights ranging from frescos by Veronese, Tintoretto, and Hieronymous Bosch to torture chambers and Casanova’s attic cell. One room has the largest canvas painting in the world! Along your tour of Venice, you’ll learn about one of the world’s oldest republics.

For more mystery and romance, our secret Venice by night tour includes a guided evening stroll and a gondola ride. You’ll explore another, intriguing side of the Grand Canal with its Jewish neighborhood, CaD’ario “haunted House,” Desdemona’s home and more. Another tour focuses on the Jewish Ghetto and includes a cicchetti (small plate) tasting at three popular bars. Another picturesque neighborhood is Dorsoduro, which we explore on our Secret Venice with gondola ride tour.

Last but not least is our half day tour to the islands of Murano, famous for its glass blowing, and colorful Burano, renowned for its lace-making.What all these different tours of Venice have in common is small group sizes and trained, expert English-speaking guides who can make even the oldest sites come alive!


See Florence your way with our unique tours – from a full day walking tour to your own private one, from Michelangelo’s masterpiece to the Gucci Museum…take a Dan Brown-inspired Inferno tour or enjoy a Tuscan feast in a 17th century villa! Our Skip the Line Access to major tour sites ensures that you save your time and energy for Florence’s historic and cultural treasures.

Our best of Florence tour includes the Accademia Florence, home to Michelangelo’s statue of David, and the Uffizi Gallery with masterpieces by Da Vinci, Botticelli, Titian, and Giotto. Michelango’s Hidden Stories and Life Secrets tour explores the mind and personality of this Renaissance master.

We have two tours of Florence that allow you to see the city in a whole different light, literally. Dark Heart of Florence will captivate you with tales of doomed love, Medieval feuds and conspiracies…even the Ponte Vecchio Bridge and Piazza Signoria have an air of mystery at night. For a completely different evening tour experience, visit a 17th century villa overlooking the twinkling city lights for a vineyard tour and Tuscan feast.

You don’t have to be a fashionista to enjoy our Florence fashion tour that includes traditional local artisans as well as Italian luxury brands. You’ll visit master leather workers in a 13th century Francisan monastery, a more than 400-year-old perfumery, expert embroiderers in Loretta Caponi’s atelier, and, last but not least, the Gucci Museum.

What all these different tours of Florence have in common is small group sizes and trained, expert English-speaking guides who can make even the oldest sites come alive!


Discover the many faces of Milan with our tours to its most famous sites as well as its most authentic and interesting neighborhoods. Then enjoy our day trip to gorgeous Lake Como and Lake Lugano, with their alpine scenery and intriguing cities.

Our Best of Milan and Last Supper tour takes you to iconic sites, such as Milan Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele plus the cobble-stoned streets of the Brera district – the heart of Milan’s social life. With our pre-reserved tickets and Skip the Line Access, you won’t have to compete for tickets or entry to see Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece – The Last Supper.

If you enjoy getting off the beaten, touristic path, you’ll love our Milan Wine & Appetizers tour of the navigli (canal) district. This historic area has become the artistic heart of Milan – bustling with art galleries, boutiques, bookshops, and last but not least wine bars. You’ll enjoy tasting local wines and delicacies at some of the best!

On our excursions to Lake Lugano and Lake Como, you’ll explore a Medieval city, take a boat ride past celebrity-owned villas, and enjoy sightseeing and shopping in one of Switzerland’s most popular destinations. Two countries and two of their most beautiful locations with spectacular alpine scenery along the way – an unbeatable opportunity.

What these three very different Milan tours have in common is that you’ll be traveling in small groups, and your tour guides will be trained, expert, and English-speaking – the better to enjoy your tour experience!


Our Paris tours offer many ways to experience its rich history and culture. Our skip the line and special access as well as our meticulously planned itineraries ensure you get the most from your tour experiences of the most popular sites.

Imagine seeing the highlights of the Louvre’s huge collection in just three hours or the Musee D’Orsays’ masterpieces of Impressionism in just two while hearing fascinating tales of the artists who created them. Or, slow down the pace with our VIP evening Louvre tour and wine-tasting.

Combine the terrific views from a Seine River Cruise and the Eiffel Tower's 2nd floor observation deck. Or, ooh, la la, take our evening Eiffel Tower VIP and Seine Champagne Cruise. You can also see what some say is the best view in Paris from the bell towers of Notre Dame – watch out for its famous gargoyles!

Take a tour of the magnificent Versailles and its gardens or a VIP tour that includes the secret apartments of the royals. What do Jim Morrison (The Doors), Oscar Wilde, Chopin, and Edith Piaf have in common? They are just some of the famous artists buried in the atmospheric Pere Lachaise cemetery.

Our day trips from Paris feature very different and very evocative experiences: in the Loire, beautiful castles from a bygone age and, in Normandy, sites of the dramatic World War II D-Day battles.

What our many tours of Paris and its surroundings have in common is small group size and trained, English-speaking expert tour guides who can make a site come to life.


Discover London your way with City Wonder’s many London tour experiences. History, culture, theater, mystery – we have it all!

Early birds can enter the Tower of London before anyone else and watch the official opening ceremony. Ancient history buffs will discover the highlights of the huge British Museum collection – mummies, hieroglyphics and more. Who wouldn’t want to experience the luxurious life of royals on our Kensington and Buckingham Palace tours?

For a relaxing evening tour experience, enjoy Skip the Line access to the city’s highest point – the Shard – and admire its stunning views before coming back down to earth with fish and chips in the famous pub – The George. Or, how about tickets, backstage tour and dinner for the hit musical Phantom of the Opera?

If you’re a history and mystery enthusiast, we have three unique tours for you. Besides hearing about murders and crown jewel curses on our Tower of London tour, you can explore a hidden bunker beneath London with a visit to the Churchill War Rooms and learn about infamous murderers and executioners on our exclusive Criminal London Night Tour.

For a unique experience, we also offer a VIP Stonehenge tour with Inner Circle access that’s sure to please! See the stone marvel at night after the crowds are gone. Experience the mysterious structure up close with a small, intimate group.

What all these different London tours have in common is their small group size and trained, expert guides who can make any sight come alive! See the best attractions the City has to offer on our London tours. Check out the tour list below to get started.


Discover the culturally vibrant and historically rich city of Naples with City Wonders on our carefully crafted tour experiences designed to unveil the magic and traditions, as well as the extraordinary patrimony of its surrounding area. Naples is the perfect base from which to explore some of Italy’s most important natural and historic treasures with names like Pompeii, Mt. Vesuvius, Capri, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast topping the list of things that every traveller must do.

But we don't just deliver guided visits to the most important places in and around Naples so you can check them off your list, our Naples tours go the extra mile so that your experience of these timeless places will reward your curiosity with the sights, smells, tastes and unique stories that make them what they are.

Whether you decide to cruise across the Bay of Naples to Capri with us, uncover Pompeii and hike to the crater of Mt. Vesuvius, or tromp through the streets of the ancient heart of the city with its top sights and world famous street food, you will be front and center at these fantastic destinations with expert guides, flawless logistics and a tour provider with a passion for travel that pushes us every day to deliver the best.

Let our experts guide you

Venice tours

Skip the Line: Best of Venice and Doge's Palace Tour

This tour combines all the sights and sounds of our Venice walking tour with the beautiful, Doge's Palace. More Info

Duration: 4 Hours | Activity: Moderate

Murano Glassblowing and Burano Lacemaking, Half Day Venetian Island Tour

See the magic of Murano glassblowing and Burano lacemaking on this exciting half-day cruise across the Venetian Lagoon with live demonstrations of both arts. Learn the secrets of the trade with an expert guide and enjoy ample time for exploring the treasures of these idyllic islands on your own. More Info

Duration: 5 Hours | Activity: Moderate

Skip the Line: Doge's Palace Secret Itineraries Tour

See hidden rooms as your expert guide provides an in-depth tour of Doge's Palace, including secret chambers not open to the general public. More Info

Duration: 1.25 Hours | Activity: Moderate

Skip the Line: Semi Private Best of Venice Tour with Grand Canal Water Taxi & St. Mark's Basilica

Enjoy this small-group tour of Venice with a Grand Canal taxi ride, and visits to the Rialto Bridge, St. Mark's Square and an extended tour of St. Mark's Basilica. More Info

Duration: 3 Hrs | Activity: Moderate

Skip the Line: Doge's Palace Secret Itineraries and Best of Venice Combo Saver Tour

Save when you book two of our popular tours in Venice together and get a complete view of the city, known as the Bride of the Sea, on this small group tour limited to 10 people. More Info

Duration: 9 Hours | Activity: Active

Skip the Line: Venice and Small Islands in One Day

Walk the waterfront streets of Venice and discover the history and mysteries forever captured within its picturesque piazzas and famous architectural marvels. Bask in the beauty of the Venetian lagoon through its best two islands – Murano and Burano. More Info

Duration: 10.5 Hours | Activity: Active

Secret Venice by Night Walking Tour and Gondola Ride

Experience another face of Venice, the quieter but more fascinating on the other side of the Grand Canal, and then enjoy a 35-minute evening gondola ride. More Info

Duration: 2.25 Hours | Activity: Moderate

Venice Jewish Ghetto Tour with Local Food and Wine Tastings

Get an authentic taste of Venice away from the crowds on this Jewish Ghetto tour followed by food and wine tastings in the surrounding neighborhood of Cannaregio. Join your expert guide and group of just 12 people to sample local Venetian cicchetti appetizers with great Italian wines at some of the most popular bars in the city. More Info

Duration: 2.5 Hours | Activity: Easy

Skip the Line: Best of Venice Group Tour including St. Marks Basilica

Enjoy our Best of Venice tour which has you strolling through the streets and seeing the top sights. More Info

Duration: 2 Hours | Activity: Moderate

Secret Venice Walking Tour with Gondola Ride

If you've imagined Venice as a city of circuitous streets and aged buildings, you‘ll love this original tour. It reveals another face of Venice, the quieter but fascinating Venice on the other side of the Grand Canal. More Info

Duration: 2.25 Hours | Activity: Moderate

Skip the Line: Das Beste von Venedig einschließlich des Markusdoms


Diese Tour bietet die perfekte Gelegenheit um Venedig kennenzulernen. Entdecken Sie während der beinhalteten Stadtführung die wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten Venedigs, einschließlich einer Spezialführung durch den Markusdom - alles kompakt in nur wenigen Stunden! More Info

Duration: 2 Hours | Activity: Moderate

Skip the Line: Venedig und Laguneninseln in einem Tag


Verwöhnen Sie sich mit dem Besten von Venedig und den zwei Schmuckstücken der venezianischen Lagune auf diesem eintätig geführten Ausflug. Besichtigen Sie mit einem professionellen Fremdenführer den Markusdom, die Rialtobrücke und die Pracht des Dogenpalastes. Sehen Sie danach wie Muranoglas geblasen wird und in Burano Spitze geklöppelt wird. Sie haben dort genug Zeit all dies zu entdecken. More Info

Duration: 10.5 Hours | Activity: Active

Halbtagesausflüge zu den Venezianischen Inseln: Glasbläserei in Murano und Spitzenklöppelei in Burano


Erleben Sie die Magie der Glasbläserein in Muraon und der Spitzenklöppelei in Burano auf dieser aufregenden halbtägigen Schifffahrt durch die Lagune von Venedig mit Vorführungen dieser beiden Handwerke. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Geheimnisse des Handels mit einem fachkundigem Fremdenführer und genießen Sie Ihre umfangreiche Zeit, indem Sie die Schätze dieser idyllischen Inseln selbst erkunden. More Info

Duration: 5 Hours | Activity: Moderate

Skip the Line: Die schönsten Orte in Venedig - darunter der Dogenpalast


Entdecken Sie auf der Tour durch die schwimmende Stadt die wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten Venedigs. Blicken Sie auf die Rialto Brücke, besichtigen Sie den Markusdom und gehen Sie in den Dogenpalast in Begleitung eines professionellen Fremdenführers, um die wahre Geschichte, die Venedig bis heute so bewunderswert und unvergesslich gemacht hat, zu entdecken. More Info

Duration: 4 Hours | Activity: Moderate

Our Venice tours of the fascinating “Floating City” include Skip the Line Access at major attractions. Read More

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