Grand Canal

Grand Canal

The Heart of Venice

The Grand Canal is the bustling centre of Venice. Lined with palaces, churches and hotels; this iconic water-way boasts some of the most beautiful architecture in Italy.

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The Grand Canal

As the main fairway through Venice, the Grand Canal is at the heart of Venetian culture and is one of the most famous canals in the world. At 3.8 km in length and shaped like an S it divides the two islands, Venice was built upon. It flows through the central part of Venice and provides access to some of the most popular attractions like St. Mark's Basilica and the Doge's Palace.
Lined with more than 170 buildings, the Grand Canal boasts centuries of history and style. As you travel down the canal, you’ll get a glimpse into the centuries-old tradition of aristocratic families who once used these houses to compete for status and local celebrity within the city.
Most of the city's traffic cruises up and down the canal, be it by private boats, vaporetti (water buses) or the Venetian classic - a gondola. While foot traffic has the option to travel across three different bridges: the Rialto Bridge, the Ponte Degli Scalzi, and the Ponte dell'Accademia. A fourth, modern bridge was recently constructed: the Calatrava Bridge.