Paris may be known to most as a romantic destination, but its blend of vibrant culture, rich history, and range of enjoyable activities also makes the City of Light an excellent family-friendly destination.

The French capital has always been known for having some of the world’s best cuisine. From simple, yet mouthwatering, baguettes and croissants to rich seafood and gourmet steaks, the city has historically been home to some of the world’s most creative and renowned chefs and restaurateurs. All of whom, have either refined traditional French cuisine, or added elements from other cultures to elevate their cooking.

City Wonders’ New Gourmet Food Tour

Gourmet Food Tour

With so much amazing food to offer in Paris, you might have trouble choosing where to eat throughout your stay. City Wonders’ New Gourmet Food Tour allows you and your family to stroll through the lively city and try a little of everything – delicious desserts, croissants, baguettes and so much more from some of the city’s top spots, hand-selected by City Wonders themselves of course. Sample charcuterie and the best bread and cheeses in the area, learning about the intricacies and history of French cuisine in the process. One stop of the tour is a bakery, which is a treat for your nose as well as your tastebuds. Led by knowledgeable local guides, this tour takes you on a gastronomic journey through the charming streets and neighborhoods of Paris.

You also have the option to upgrade your experience to include a guided tour of the Louvre Museum, so you can check two items off your bucket list with just one activity.

But what about the best family-friendly restaurants in Paris? Let's dive into our countdown of the top five establishments that are sure to satisfy both young and adult palates:

5. Breizh Café

Parisian Food at Breizh Cafe

Breizh Café

Specializing in fusion galettes, Breizh café makes typical French cuisine more palatable for families. It is known for sweet and savory crepes and galettes with ancient grain and barley-based options. This café also offers 60 different ciders for you and your family to try.

This café was founded by a chef from Brittany who spent time in Japan, and he enjoys experimenting in his cooking. Your family will love the fresh ingredients and bold flavor combinations, including simple flavors for picky eaters. There are four locations in the city, but the original is located at 109 Vieille du Temple.

4. Grand Café Capucines

Le Grand Capucines Restaurant in Paris

Grand Café Capucines

Boasting art-deco style décor fresh out of the 1920s, Grand Café Capucines is a must as much for its interior as its menu. It is most known for its extravagant shellfish dishes, so if you’re into seafood, add this location to your list. Is your taste more turf than surf? Grand Café Capucines also offers an assortment of beef and poultry dishes.

This restaurant is known for excellent service. You can opt for a single dish or choose a multi-course meal for your family. It’s easy to book a reservation on the website which is convenient if you’re trying to fit in dinner after a day of sight-seeing. Grand Café Capucines is located at 4, bd des Capucines.

3. Il Etait Un Square

French cheeses in Paris

Il Etait Un Square

Sometimes when you’re in a foreign country, you long for a little taste of home. If you’re at the homesick stage of your Paris trip, check out Il Etait Un Square for their French twist on classic American staples, including amazing cheeseburgers. This restaurant offers a mix of hearty and lighter fare, which is great for lunch or dinner after spending a day walking around the city. Il Etait Un Square also has vegetarian-friendly options.

This restaurant is located near Paris’ Chinatown with modern architecture and street art you can enjoy on the way there. Its address is 54 rue Corvisart.

2. Via del Campo

Via Del Campo Restaurant in Paris

Via del Campo

Trekking through Paris taking in sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe can wear your kids out. If you’re looking for a family-friendly spot in the thick of it all, check out Via del Campo. The chef is from Sardinia in Italy, and its menu boasts a mix of Mediterranean flavors.

This restaurant offers delicious cuisine at reasonable prices, allowing you to feed your whole family with ease after a long day. The staff is very friendly and its location near the Eiffel Tower makes it a great last stop on your day trip. Via del Campo is located at 22 rue du Champ de Mars.

1. LA SCALA, Paris

La Scala Restaurant in Paris

La Scala

La Scala Paris restaurant, located on the first floor, treats diners to a lovely view of the Boulevard de Strasbourg and neighboring theaters like the Théâtre Libre and the Théâtre Anthony. While it may not overlook the Eiffel Tower, the restaurant compensates with its delightful ambience.

When it comes to the menu, La Scala offers an evening selection that features homemade, seasonal dishes. Starters include tempting options like foie gras, oysters, and a perfectly poached egg served with asparagus mousseline and paillettes, all seasoned to perfection. Another enticing choice is the semi-cooked red tuna marinated in soy and coated with fragrant herbs. This flavorful dish can be enjoyed as an appetizer or a main course, giving diners flexibility.

La Scala Paris welcomes families to savor outstanding cuisine while enjoying the charming atmosphere. With its captivating view and carefully crafted menu, the restaurant offers a memorable dining experience that caters to everyone's taste buds.

There is definitely no shortage of delicious restaurants in Paris. These restaurants all offer a family-friendly atmosphere and great food. Explore our recommended website for kid-friendly travel tips, and whether you want your family to sample classic French dishes or you want to try French takes on other cuisine, there is a restaurant in Paris for you. With some planning, you can sample the best of what Paris has to offer without having to “break the bank” in the French capital.