When the sun goes down in Florence and the museums close you'll want to know all the best things to do in Florence at night. This fun city has plenty of cool bars, cafes, and terraces to grab an aperitivo. There are also a few unusual spots waiting for you to discover around the city.

1. Terraza Michelangelo

Terraza Continentale at night in Florence

Escape the busy streets of Florence and take the lift to the top floor of the super posh Hotel Continentale. This beautiful terrace cocktail bar is at the top of a medieval Consorti tower attached to the hotel. Small and intimate, it exudes character and is the sort of place that you would want to dress up for. The lounge area has couches with plump cushions lining the outer edges of the terrace so it is ideal for relaxing. 

Perfect for Couples

From here you can enjoy the views above the city and watch the sunset light up the iconic monuments of the city. From here you can see the Duomo and the Palazzo Vecchio towering nearby. Right below you is the central street of the Pointe Vecchio as it crosses the green waters of the Arno. Perfect for couples.

2. Rasputin

Rasputin Cocktail Bar

This is quite a different style of cocktail bar. Only those who are willing to follow some very cryptic text message directions to a religious shrine will find this bar. Once there you ring a bell on a door with a small window and someone will ask you for a password. That is when the fun starts. Inside the lights are dim and it has the decadent atmosphere of a 1920s Chicago speakeasy. 

Gentlemen Hoodlums and icy Gangster Babes

The club is decorated with eerie period paintings, and red velvet curtains hang from vaulted stone ceilings. The deep old-fashioned armchairs and red wax dripping from candelabra give a warm feel to the place. Mixologists are on hand to create a surreal mix of crafty cocktails for you. This is the perfect hideaway for gentleman hoodlums and their icy gangster babes.

3. Harry's Bar

Harry's Bar waiter

This classy establishment is a throwback to the days before mass tourism. Harry's Bar has been serving visitors to Florence since 1952 so it brings a certain amount of prestige with it (although it is not related to the bar with the same name in Venice). 

Having a Bellini with Hemingway

This landmark bar has an old school feel to it. The tables are covered in white linen cloth and the waiters look quaint in their signature pistachio colored jackets. It is the sort of place that makes you feel snazzy and you can just imagine Hemingway ordering a Bellini within its softly lit interior.

4. Surf Ventura

Drinking cocktails in Surf Ventura

Life members in Florence

This unconventional Firenze nightspot is another place that tries to stay hidden. It has no website, no menu and it hides behind a big iron door with a bolthole. If you do locate it you must become a member to gain entry. Once you are a member you are a member for life! 

Personal Touch

Inside you can see messages on the walls from past customers, shells hanging from rafters and umbrellas on the ceiling. This intimate atmosphere is created by the legendary owner Mauro. He will sit down with you and create a special cocktail for you based on your preferences. Talk about personal!

5. La Murata

night-time at La Murata

This cool bohemian square was once a monastery and then the prison of Florence. It is now a cultural cafe and restaurant. You can sense that the spirit of reuse is very important here. The tables are built from repurposed window frames. There are wooden benches for chilling on. The chairs are all multi-colored and the pizzas are named after famous prisons. 

Way Too Cool

The natural acoustics of the stone square and the cloisters ensure that this is a great place to enjoy free music and shows. In the evenings there are film screenings, debates and art exhibitions adding to the alternative vibe. It is very popular with local students. This is the type of place for those who are way too cool to bother with waiter service.

6. Se-Sto

night-time view over river Arno from Se-Sto

Watching the Arno drift by is one of the best things to do in Florence at night

This iconic terrace above the Westin Excelsior Hotel is one of the few rooftop restaurants in Florence. It has a 360-degree view of the city so you can see all the roofs, churches and bell-towers of Florence. 

Elegance and Sophistication

As you are on the sixth floor you can see as far as the Tuscan hills on the horizon. You can also see the river and the Oltarno district. Most people come here to watch the soft evening glow bounce off the white green and pink marble of the Duomo. It is the ideal place to eat in elegance and sophistication.

7. NOF

female singing group at NOF

Whatever you are doing, stop!

If live music is your thing, this is the place in Florence. This joint is in the San Frediano district of the city which Lonely Planet described as the coolest neighborhood in the world last year. NOF is tiny but it coils with musical energy so it gets very hot and sweaty. Rock n roll, surf, alternative, funk, and blues music are just some of what is on offer every night as touring bands plug in and let rip. 


With free entrance and happy hour drinks, students and the younger crowd keep this place buzzing. A DJ set at the end of most nights makes sure nobody pays any attention to the No Dancing signs.

8. Beer House Club

ceiling full of beer cartons in bar in Florence

Looking for a beer in Florence?

If beer is what you need to cool down after a hot day in Florence, the Beer House Club will look after you. With ales and lagers from all over the world and plenty of craft beers on tap, this is where the beer connoisseurs come to quench their thirst. Along with beer, it offers awesome burgers, classic rock music, and giant TV screens.

Beer Masters

Behind the bar are some of the most knowledgable beer masters you will meet outside a monastery. The house beer, as you will see from the hundreds of boxes decorating the ceiling is Pilsner Urquell, the first pale lager in the world. Happy hour makes this spot pretty much the cheapest beer in Florence.  A great spot to chill away from the crowds. Did we say it has beer?

9. Easy Living

night-time at Easy Living in Florence

Chilling by the Arno

If you want to watch the sunset over the Arno, the Easy Living terrace is one of the best viewing points in the city. Along with the view, it has a restaurant offering fresh produce and daily menu changes. An enchanting art deco Parisian style kiosk stands at the center of the terrace. At the water's edge, there is an urban sandy beach area with a beach bar and straw covered umbrellas. 

Good Vibes

DJs waft their good vibes out over the water. When the sun starts to set and the beach rugby and petanque games finish, you can join in the sunset yoga sessions. Those who prefer to take it easy can relax on deck chairs and watch the night sky reflect over the river. 

10. La Loggia

view over Florence at night from La Loggia

Piazzale Michelangelo is the most well-known lookout point over the river and the historic downtown of the city. The only problem is that it gets very crowded. The nearby La Loggia restaurant offers an even better way to take in this view at night. 

Elegant and Charming

Just 100m from the bronze statue of David on the Piazzale, La Loggia is elegant and charming with both a cafe and a restaurant to choose from. What better way to work up an appetite than to walk up the ancient flight of stairs from the center and look out over this stunning city by night.

So, there we have it. The ten best things to do in Florence at night. Don’t forget to check out our range of Florence Tours if you are looking for something more to do in this enticing city.