Venturing to Milan with no idea where to start? Never fear, we’ve got a few ideal contenders for your initial days in the world’s fashion capital. For an unforgettable time in the city, read on to see our 3 best-selling & unmissable experiences in Milan.

Milan Cathedral

1. Best of Milan Tour

Whether you’re new to Milan or not, the Best of Milan tour is the perfect introduction or refresher course to the best parts of the city. Beginning with a leisurely walking tour of Milan, you’ll flit between some of the most iconic sights in the city along with your expert guide. You’ll get to see and visit the glorious Milan Cathedral, entering instantly with convenient Skip the Line Access. Next on the witness list is the medieval Sforza Castle, which you’ll hear an insightful commentary on from outside. One of the main highlights of this tour is a visit to da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’, with pre-reserved tickets so you don’t miss out on this famed masterpiece. You’ll get to spend 15 minutes marvelling at the beautiful fresco whilst hearing a coordinating commentary from your expert guide. This tour is ideal whether you have a long stay in Milan or not, as it makes the most of your time with the very best parts of the city.

The Last Supper painting, Milan

2. ‘Last Supper’ Tour with Expert Commentary

Because a chance to see Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous masterpiece can’t be missed, are we right? With small groups and specially reserved tickets, we make a task that can be a masterful challenge more than easy. On the Last Supper tour, you’ll venture to the Church of Santa Maria della Grazie, where the 15th-century mural is hidden away. If you didn’t know the back story to this famous piece, the painting depicts the moment that Jesus revealed to his 12 disciples that one of them will betray him. The painting recently underwent a 21-year restoration after being severely damaged over the centuries and is now kept in optimal shape in a specially conditioned room. Your expert guide will give you a full introduction to this piece, explaining each expression and giving you 15 minutes to survey the painting. A must-see when in Milan, if we do say so ourselves!

Lake Lugano, Switzerland

3. Lake Como, Bellagio & Lugano Day Trip

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly in Milan, but we promise it’s worth it despite that. Plus, you’ll get the chance to leave the country for several hours, so y’know… Why not? This tour will add a sliver of unforgettable beauty to your time in Milan, as if the city wasn’t stunning enough already. Well, spoiler alert, you ain’t seen nothing yet! This tour ventures to the incredible Lake Como and Bellagio in Italy, as well as Lake Lugano and the village where it gets its name across the border in Switzerland. You’ll take a 2-hour cruise along Lake Como, taking in the beautiful surroundings as you glide along the water. You’ll then have free time to explore and have lunch in Bellagio, before traveling on to Lugano in Switzerland. Established as one of Switzerland’s greatest tourist destinations, you can choose between the artistic or urban sides of the city. Or both, if you’re feeling adventurous! The perfect opportunity to see some of Europe’s favorite spots, our Lake Como, Bellagio & Lugano day trip is not one to be missed!

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