From dazzling blue waters to charming lakeside towns, breathtaking alpine views to eye-catching designer fashion; everything about Lake Como is as spellbinding as you might imagine. If a little slice of heaven is what you’re looking for on your Italian vacation, then get ready to be inspired with this guide to discovering Lake Como. Located less than 2 hours from Italy’s fashion capital, a day tour to Lake Como is the perfect experience to add to your Milan itinerary. With must-try local treats and top sights to see on the lake, here’s everything you need to know about Lake Como tours from Milan.

All About Lake Como

Lakeside town of Menaggio

Lake Como, often referred to as Lario, is the third largest lake in Italy. With a maximum depth of approximately 410 meters, Como is one of Europe’s deepest lakes. This stunning glacier lake is located at the foot of the Alps, their white tipped peaks creating a crown for this world-famous lake. Offering magical vistas overlooking the lake’s crystal-clear waters and breathtaking mountainous surrounds, is it any wonder that Lake Como is a favorite holiday destination for the rich and famous?

Among those lucky enough to have called or still call Lake Como home are George Clooney, Richard Branson, Gianni Versace and Sting. With residents like these stars on the lake, you know you’ll be in good company when you take a Lake Como day trip from Milan.

Top Sights at Lake Como

Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como

What better way to explore a lake then by boat? See the lake’s most mesmerizing sights as you hop aboard one of its ferries for a cruise through these glacial waters. Enjoy the view as you get up close and personal with some of the lake’s most iconic properties along the way. From George Clooney and Sir Richard Branson’s villas, to the idyllic terrace where Anakin and Padme wed in Star Wars Episode VII and the glamorous Villa del Balbianello you might recognize as the clinic from James Bond Casino Royale; explore this playground for the stars as you navigate the lake by boat. Take in the serene natural beauty of this aesthetically blessed landscape as you explore the lake itself during your Milan to Lake Como day trip.

No day trip to Lake Como is complete without taking some time to enjoy la dolte vita at the pearl of the lake, Bellagio. It’s idyllic and central location, makes Bellagio the most famous of the Como towns. Located between the water and the mountains, this colorful hamlet is a hub of activity. Bellagio’s winding, narrow sights are alive with mouth-watering bistros, bars and gelato stores, not to mention its range of high-end designer labels that Milan is so famous for. See how the other half live as you peruse the picturesque streets of Bellagio on your day trip from Milan to Lake Como.

Many visitors to Lake Como may not realize just how close Switzerland is to the lake. Make your Italian vacation stretch a little further as you transcend the Italian border to discover Switzerland’s charming town of Lugano. Located just one hour from Bellagio, Lugano is often referred to as the “Monte Carlo of Switzerland”. Just like it’s neighboring town of Bellagio, Lugano is a much-love destinations for celebrities and sport stars. The town is famous for milk chocolate, which was invented there in in 1875, but more on that later. Get a taste of Switzerland on your Milan to lake Como day trip.

Tasty Treats by the Lake

Lake Como town of Bellagio

Is there any other country as delicious tasty as Italy? And on your day trip to Lake Como from Milan brings even more tasty treats to enjoy. Aperol Spritz is a favorite aperitif in Northern Italy, and Lake Como is no different. The perfect combination of sweet and tangy, this refreshing cocktail is the essential accessory when enjoying Il dolce far niente - the sweetness of doing nothing. Enjoy the lake’s dazzling views as you pull up a chair with an Aperol Spritz in hand.

If chocolate is your thing, then you’re in for a treat in the Swiss town of Lugano. Milk chocolate, as we know it today, was invented in Lugano back in 1875. A local confectioner, named Daniel Peter, was experimenting with cacao beans and sugar. His efforts were unsuccessful until his neighbor invented condensed milk and encouraged Peter to add to the recipe to create a rich, velveting, melt-in-the-mouth bar of milk chocolate. Can you guess who his neighbor was that invented the condensed milk? Why Henri Nestlé of the Nestlé chocolate brand, of course!

How to Get There

Lake Como is located just under two hours from Milan. Three train stations are dotted around the lake, making it easily accessible from its neighboring city. Alternatively, you can drive straight from the city to the lakeside town of your choice. However, driving these winding, unfamiliar roads can be a little challenging. That’s not to mention the notorious traffic jams that occur on these roads as local Milanese escape the city to their retreats on the lake at the weekend. Take the hassle out of your day trip to Lake Como when you travel with us. With a cruise along the lake and free time to explore Bellagio and Lugano, this day trip to Lake Como from Milan offers you the perfect Como experience. With comfortable roundtrip transportation and your expert, English-speaking guide, you’ll feel like a celebrity as you explore Italy’s most-loved lake with us.