Whatever the weather, nature parks are always worth a visit. Whether you’re taking a walk to clear your head, upping your plant knowledge, spending time with loved one, or just exploring somewhere new, a park is the perfect solution to all of the above. In today’s post, we’re chatting about the most beautiful parks in Naples.

Bosco di Capodimonte, Naples

1. Bosco di Capodimonte

Located on the north hill of Naples, Bosco di Capodimonte is one of Naples’ most popular parks. It originally belonged to the Bourbon kings who used it to ride horses and gain resources through royal duties: hunting and fishing. It’s attached to the Royal Palace of Capodimonte, also known as the “Reggia”. The park was designed by Ferdinando Sanfelice, presenting 5 separate avenues and covering 134 hectares. In the 19th century, the park was seen as a royal site alongside Caserta and Portici and was landscaped in the traditional English style. Nowadays, it’s open for exploration to the general public. Home to several species of exotic plants, it was declared the most beautiful park in Italy in 2014. With its rich regal history, we think it’s well-worth a visit!

Botanic Gardens, Naples, Italy

2. Giardini Botanici di Napoli

The Botanical Garden of Naples is the research facility of the University of Naples Federico II and is located close to the Albergo dei Poveri. Its gardens contain around 25,000 species of vegetation, 10,000 of which are plants. Although known as a park to the public, its established as an educational facility. One of the main purposes of the garden is to preserve several plant species that have become endangered in recent years. The garden also contains an ethnobotany section, where plants that can be used for medicinal purposes are cultivated and studied. On the grounds of the Botanic Garden, two structures are present: the 5,000 square foot Merola Greenhouse, and a restored 17th-century castle, which contains lecture halls, display rooms, and the Museum of Paleobotany and Ethnobotany.

Villa Comunale, Naples, Italy

3. Villa Comunale

If you’re on the hunt for the Villa Comunale, you’ll find it between Pizzofalcone and the Posillipo Hills. It was built around 1780 by King Ferdinand IV, and was originally a “Royal Park”, specifically reserved for the royal family, but open to the public on special holidays. Luckily, it was established as a public park in 1869, following the unification of Italy. As you traverse the gardens, you’ll find the Anton Dohm aquarium, which was built in the 1870s. You’ll also see the Naples Tennis Club, many Neoclassical sculptures, multiple walking paths lined with trees, playgrounds and an outdoor roller rink. And if you go there on a Sunday, you’ll walk right into the Naples Antique Market! With plenty to do and see, a visit to Villa Comunale is a must on any trip to Naples.

Royal Palace, Naples, Italy

Here are more of Naples’ most beautiful parks:

  • Monsta d’Oltremare
  • Parco Marco Mascagna
  • Parco Urbano dei Camaldoli
  • Parco Fratelli de Filippo
  • Parco Massimo Troisi
  • Giardini del Molosiglio
  • Parco dei Quartieri Spagnoli
  • Parco Ciro Esposito
  • Parco Virgiliano
  • Giardini Mercadente

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