As summer draws to an end and the leaves begin to fall, you’ll find fewer tourists, cooler temperatures and lower prices. If you’re looking for a more authentic Roman holiday fall is the time to go.

Rome in Fall is the perfect temperature for exploring

1.The Perfect Climate

The Cities Mediterranean climate begins to become a little more of an explorer-friendly environment, with temperatures ranging between 22-27 degrees. This means you’ll be able to stroll through picturesque Roman streets without having to jump between shady tree’s and building shadows or worrying about running low on water. Instead you’ll get to experience clear blue skies and strikingly beautiful sunset while taking in the best that Rome has to offer.

Explore the best sights in Rome without the huge crowds

2.Smaller Crowds and Better Value

Rome will never be free from tourist’s crowds, but visiting in Fall will give you a better opportunity to explore the main sights of the city without all the chaos you’d experience in the Summer time. It’s also the perfect opportunity to take advantage of lower hotel rates and airfares. Not to mention that at the end of August the Roman citizens that left to enjoy their Ferragosto holiday will have started to return, making the city a thriving and bustling place to visit.

Visit the Bernin collection in the Borghese Gallery

3.Fall Festivals

If you think the city will have quieten down after a busy summer, think again Rome’s Festival calendar in the Fall is jam packed, from art galleries to cinema there’s a festival to suit every taste.
Running from 20th of September to December 2nd is Romaeuropa Festival.It has been named as one of the most important Italian cultural festivals and has held the title of one of the Wall Street Journal’s top four cultural festivals in Europe. With a mix of dance, theatre, music and cinema it is sure to provide something for everyone.
Another one to add to the list is Bernin in the Galleria Borghese running from the 31st of October to the 4th of February. To celebrate the 20th year anniversary of the Galleries reopening, the upcoming Bernini retrospective will draw upon one of the gallery’s first exhibitions from 20 years ago entitled Bernini scultore,with the gallery already being home to some of Bernini’s most renowned works. This is a must see for any art lover.

Explore local markets and taste some fresh local delicacies

4.Sample Fresh Local Produce

Fall means harvest time, and in Italy that means copious amounts of festivals to celebrate its local produce. This makes it the perfect time to explore nearby towns, visit a sagra (food festival) to celebrate, take the opportunity to sample local delicacies like truffles, chestnuts, pasta sauce, figs and mushrooms. If you think you’ve tasted Italian food before nothing will compare to the real deal in Rome. Make sure while you’re in Rome to check out the renowned Mercato Testaccio food market to sample some of Rome’s best street food options. This is definitely one of the best reasons to book your tickets to Italy in the fall! Autumn has something wonderful for your inner foodie.

Explore the city most famous sights in a new light

5.Rome after Dark

With the evenings setting in that little bit earlier you could always take in the cities most famous sights lit up. Rome as a huge selection of roof top bars that'll give you the perfect vantage point to see the city lights. If relaxing with an evening Aperitivo isn’t quite your thing, you could also organise an evening tour such as a Colosseum night tour or a Rome ghost tour.