Here in City Wonders our tours are distributed around the world through various digital platforms. We have a whole B2B team in Dublin who ensure that customers can book our tours online. As this is an exciting and essential part of the world of tourism business, we are always looking to pass on that experience to those starting out in their careers. This is why we seek out B2B Sales Interns.

Jennifer Muedder joined us an intern this year and as her internship is finishing, we decided to interview her to see how she got on:

Jennifer in center surrounded by the B2B Sales Team

1. Tell us about your background and studies and why you wanted to do an internship in City Wonders.

In Germany, I study Tourism Economy in Jade University in Wilhelmshaven. It’s a small university in the northern part of the country. This program is a mix between lectures about tourism and economy. To get my undergraduate degree it’s an obligation to complete an internship with a company in the tourism field. I knew that I wanted to go abroad and enjoy a different culture so Ireland seemed like a great place to do that.

2. What were you expecting from your internship?

I had high expectations for my experience in Ireland. I wanted to increase the expertise that I gained in my university, find myself professionally and challenge myself with new tasks. I also wanted to fit in well with the company.

I had a good feeling that I didn’t have with the other companies I applied for. After my Skype interview, I told my family that I would love to work with City Wonders and here I am, almost done!

3. What was the best part of your internship and why?

I helped the B2B Sales team with daily tasks and had some interesting projects over the course of the six months. I really enjoyed doing competitor analysis. One thing that I loved about my tasks and projects is that I could use the knowledge that I got from my lectures at my university back in Germany. I also learned a lot about working in a company within the tourism field.

4. What was your biggest challenge with the internship?

In the beginning, there was so much new information to take in that I did feel challenged. Working in a new language also took some time to get used to. However, the B2B Sales team were very helpful to me. I soon settled in and started to take on projects, so I had an amazing experience.

5. Did the internship provide you with insights that you were not expecting?

I got a lot of experience in different areas that the B2B Sales Team were working in. As a result, I really got to understand how information flows between different companies in the tourism world. The importance of building a good relationship with others was the greatest insight I received.

6. How do you feel this internship has helped you develop professionally?

Taking this internship was one of the best decisions that I ever made. I do not think that I would have developed as much. One of the areas it really helped me to be better at was in prioritizing my responsibilities.

7. Do you have any special memories that contributed to your time in City Wonders?

It's the little details that I remember. We had lots of fun talks and of course, our breakfast Fridays were a great way for me to build relationships with others. I loved being part of the team. I will be very sad when I finish but I will always remember my time with a smile.

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