When you travel with us on our Milan to Lake Como Day Trip, you have an opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Stunning scenery and rich surroundings, and an opportunity to embark on some of the finest retail therapy in all of the world. That’s what vacations are all about, aren’t they?

From Milan to Heaven


Milan has many charms, and one of them is its close proximity to Lake Como.

This lake region of northern Italy has pristine waterways and beautiful landscapes to discover.  It’s no surprise that it’s called the “Celebrity Playground”; one look for yourself and you’ll totally understand why George Clooney bought a house here.

The best way to discover Lake Como is on the water. A two-hour cruise is part of your day trip. From the vantage point of the water, your guide will show you grand villas that have been used in famous movies, including Star Wars. Our boat has an onboard restaurant, and you can enjoy your time on the water with refreshments on tap.

Discover the Pearl of Lake Como

lake como

Our two hours on the water draw to a close when we hop off the boat at Bellagio’s port.

This stunningly picturesque town is your home for the next few hours to explore. And shop till you drop. Trust us, there are so many wares to choose from in this idyllic spot that dropping into a bar for a meal and drink to refuel may become a distinct possibility.

Candy, clothing, cheese, silks and other items in Bellagio

bellagio street

First of all, just being in Bellagio itself is a gift. Take a moment to let your eyes take in the beautiful cobbled streets and quaint stores in front of you, and take deep breaths of the fresh, alpine air.

Now get ready to melt your credit card!

Whether you want to purchase goods unique to Bellagio as gifts for your loved ones back home or buy some items for yourself, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Bellagio. Foodies will love the cheese and pastries on offer.

You might come across Casera, a hard, yellow cheese here, or Bormino, similar to Brie but unique to this region.

A number of old delis line the streets of this stunning town. Some cheeses can be packaged for travel, so if you plan on transporting some home make sure to tell the shop assistant.

There are also pastry shops to die for in Bellagio. A rich, fresh pastry for yourself is mandatory as you peruse the shelves of biscuits and treats you can transport in your luggage.

Throughout Bellagio, you’ll find small candy stores selling delicious sweets. Hard-boiled, sugar candies are sold in beautifully presented tins that depict painted scenes of Lake Como on the lids. Perfect gifts for you or someone else!

Fashion-lovers among us will love the leather and silk goods on display in Bellagio.

While not all of the leather goods are made here, the vast majority are made in Italy. The craftsmanship and style of whatever you buy will be evident when you’re back home, and some great shoes, belts and keyrings are to be found.

High-quality silk shirts, ties, dresses, handbags and scarves are also abundant in the town of Bellagio, as the Lake Como district is famous for its silk production.

The silk industry in the Lake Como district began in 1400 when the Duke of Milan planted mulberry trees in the area. Greedy silkworms started producing exquisite cocoons from which silk was spun. In 1869, a school for skilled craftsmen was set up in Lake Como, and silk from the area came to be regarded as the best silk in the world.

There’s something to suit every budget here, and many of the silk products here are decorated by local artists.

There are a number of vintage stores within Bellagio too. Spending some time trailing through the shelves might reveal a perfect item from the past that reminds you of the Italian Lake District forevermore.

No matter what you purchase, don’t forget to pop into one of the sweet little restaurants you’ll see lining the streets. The food here is delicious and is usually served with a crisp Italian wine. Enjoying a bite here is as rewarding as all the shopping. (We can fully attest to the brilliant gelato too!)

Visit Lugano on your way back


From Bellagio, we’ll make our way to Lugano for a visit before we head back to Milan. The shopping needn’t stop in Lugano though. This Swiss town is famous for one of the sweetest reasons in the world. Chocolate.

Multiple chocolate shops, from some of Switzerland’s most highly skilled confectioners, line the street. Shopping on an empty stomach is never advised, but we’ll make an exception when you’re in Lugano!

And then it’s back to Milan, with many wonderful memories and a shopping bag full of beautiful items.