We have rounded up some of the coolest gift ideas for the travel enthusiast in your life.

Let’s start off with the essential… Luggage

  • Micro Foldable 2 Wheel Scooter with Suitcase
    This is a kickboard, suitcase and luggage trolley, all rolled into one. This quirky cabin size piece of luggage is attached to the front of a micro scooter so it makes getting through airports or around town a lot more fun! The foldable scooter is also approved as hand luggage with most airlines.
  • Modobag
    This is the ultimate piece of luggage for a travel techie, this is luggage you can ride! Modobag is a mix of a suitcase with the benefit of personal transport! Equipped with GPRS-GSM tracking, and dual USB charging ports, it’s the world’s only motorized, smart carry piece of luggage. This is the ultimate gift for the frequent traveler in your life.

Some gadgets to make journey easier

  • Ostrich Pillow Mini
    The Ostrich Pillow Mini makes resting wherever and whenever possible. The pillow is small enough to slip in a bag and pop out whenever you need it meaning ultimate convenience as well as being super comfy. It’s the perfect travel accessory whether it’s a long haul or just a short journey.
  • Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones
    The Quiet Comfort 35s are one of the best noise-canceling headphones around at the moment. They are wireless but comes with a cord so you can keep listening when the Bluetooth battery dies. These are a perfect way to drown out the noise while traveling.
  • GoPro HERO 5
    Although not the latest go pro on the market, the hero 5 is one of the best action and adventure camera’s out there. Thanks to the upgrade that recently hit the market, the Hero 6, the Hero 5 doesn’t have as heavy a price tag anymore. Epic images and a state of the art app connecting your phone to your GoPro, you’ll be editing and sharing your footage no matter where in the world you decide to venture.

Some Quirky Gifts

• Travel Scratch Map
This stylish map lets you track and display all your adventures from around the world, the Scratch-Off World Travel Map has gold scratch-off foil top layer that makes it more than just a map, it can be doubled as a wall decoration that contains memories from all your travel adventures.
• Lonely Planet's Best in Travel
Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2018 is a bestselling book that ranks the must-visit countries, regions, and cities for the year ahead. It draws on the knowledge of hugely popular Lonely Planet website and is filled with a year's worth of inspiration to take travelers out of the ordinary and into the unforgettable this will inspire any traveler in 2018.
• A Travel Journal
I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded - is a colorfully illustrated travel journal that isn’t just a standard blank diary, it encourages you to embrace everyday details of your travels, it is also packed with unique and fulfilling adventures that can be done in any city. It inspires the traveler to record every discovery, this quirky journal is sure to bring out the inner adventurer in every traveler.
• Airbnb Gift Card
Electronic gift cards can be a lifesaver when you're in need of a last-minute gift or too far away for an in-person exchange. Airbnb lets your favorite explorers stay unique places in around 190 countries around the world or book an experience with some locals.
• A City Wonders Tour
Why not give the gift of a memorable experience that can be cherished forever? City Wonders has a huge range of tours to suit every taste in some of Europe’s top destinations! Sometimes creating an experience is a better gift than a material item.