Whether you’re a last-minute packer or don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered in today’s post. With 5 handy packing tips, you’ll be a travel packing pro in no time at all!

Packing a suitcase

1. Travel Light

I bet this one made your blood run cold for some of you, are we right? For some, their biggest fear is forgetting anything when traveling, so as a result, they bring EVERYTHING. Not exactly ideal when you’re running through the airport Home Alone-style with a 10-tonne suitcase. So, take our word for it and travel light. Make sure you have the absolute bare essentials that you can’t leave home without. Anything else can be picked up upon arrival at your destination if you need to, unless you’re leaving civilization entirely, or going to let’s say, outer space. Which we think is pretty unlikely, so no need to worry about that one!

Sunshine and blue skies on a beach

2. Anticipate the Weather

Because there’s nothing worse than sweating your life away in 25-degree heat. Or worse, freezing to death in an unexpected temperature drop when all you’ve packed are tank tops and flip-flops. Plan ahead of your trip and check out the weather forecast, as well as what’s the norm there at the time of year that you’re traveling. It only takes a few minutes to do and could make or break your wardrobe’s well-being while you’re away! Also, if you’re heading for a colder climate, wear your layers as you travel and be strategic with packing heavy garments. No-one wants to get surprise extra costs with an overweight case at the airport, now do they?

A packed suitcase ready for travel

3. Keep Organized with Compression Bags and Packing Cubes

There are few things worse when you’re packing last minute and you’re sitting on your case in an attempt to close it. And worse yet, you’ve fought a losing battle when it explodes everywhere! But fear not, there are ways around the battle of the baggage. Such as compression bags and packing cubes! Compression bags do exactly what they say on the tin (or the bag… But forgive us), which is compressing your belongings in order to fit as much in your case as possible. Packing cubes work to keep your possessions neat and organized and help to keep your wits about you when packing, so that you know exactly what you’ve got and where it is. Do we recommend? Yes, yes, we do.

Flatlay of items to pack for vacation

4. Be Sensible & Realistic

The best thing you can do while packing is to keep your head straight. Essentially, don’t pack 20 tops that you won’t get to wear while leaving out the essentials that you’ll actually need. If something you’re packing isn’t already a part of your day-to-day routine, chances are you won’t need it when you’re away. Which means if you’re packing something “just in case”, 9 times out of 10, you’re not going to need it. Be realistic about what you’ll be up to on your trip. If something’s in there on a “what if” basis, get rid of it and make space for what you’ll actually need.

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