Here in City Wonders, our Purchasing & Planning department make sure that our customers get the exact tickets and tours that they book online. This involves communicating with the top cultural venues in Europe to ensure a seamless experience for our guests so we are always searching for those with an interest in learning about this behind-the-scenes area of tourism. This is why we seek out Purchasing & Planning Interns.

Anna Schmid started an intern this year and before her time with us finished, we asked her a few questions about her experience:

1. Tell us about your background and studies and why you wanted to do an internship in City Wonders.

I study Business Management and Psychology at a university in south Germany. This is a study program that combines psychology and economics in HR, Marketing and International subjects. When I applied for an internship at Citywonders I was impressed by all the social activities and the tours that the company created. I particularly liked the way they want their guests to really experience the insights and the history of a city to the fullest rather than just taking a normal tour. I thought that had a special value.

2. What department did you do your internship in?

I did my internship in the Planning and Purchasing department. On a daily basis, I was responsible for buying tickets, staying in contact with the different venues and ensuring all reservations were entered into the database correctly.

3. What were you expecting from your internship?

I was hoping to get knowledge of the purchasing and planning process in a company. In my former jobs and education, I always worked in sales-related areas, so I was very interested to see this part of a company. I liked the way it was cross-functional. We had to stay in contact with Operations, Guide Scheduling and sometimes Customer Care to communicate how many tickets were available so they could schedule guides, buses and anything else necessary.

4. What was the best part of your internship, and why?

I can’t point out one specific highlight of my internship, because I enjoyed every single part of it. However, it was very exciting to take part in buying events. These were high pressure and under time constraints so it felt very much like being in the middle of Wall Street. I also enjoyed the responsibility I was given for specific tasks.

5. What was your biggest challenge with your internship?

A large part of the role involved communicating with the different venues in different languages via phone. I was very nervous for my first call but, by the end, I enjoyed contacting and talking to different nationalities every day.

6. Did the internship provide you with any insights that you were not expecting?

I didn’t expect the Purchasing Department to be such an important component of the company. As a customer, you just book your travel online. I now know the incredible amount of steps that must be taken by a Purchasing Department so that you can realize your journey.

7. How do you feel this internship has helped you develop professionally?

This internship helped me to develop in many ways. I learned how to work extremely fast and be ultra-precise. Working on different tasks at the same time was part of the role and to do this without losing concentration is something that I picked up during my time with City Wonders. Of course, stress was unavoidable in such a fast-paced environment, but I learned how to deal with those situations and to respond in a professional manner. 

8. Do you have any fun or special memories that contributed to your journey here?

purchasing team

Anna surrounded by some of the Purchasing & Planning Team in Dublin

What I will remember the most was meeting people from all over the world who worked in City Wonders and having so much fun here in Dublin. I will miss it very much.

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