In a city that can feel busy at times, walking tours of Rome are one of the most enjoyable ways to get to know the Eternal City. There’s something about discovering Rome on foot that will make the city yours and provide you and your partner with memories never to be forgotten.

Embarking on one of our Rome walking tours with your beloved is one of the best ways to explore the city of la dolce vita. And what’s the good life, after all, without a little amore?

Romance on every Roman Street Corner

Rome is filled to the brim with spellbinding architecture. Famous monuments, fountains and piazzas combine with quieter narrow streets and open squares to highlight just how highly the Romans prized beauty.

Why not spend 2.5 hours exploring Rome’s most famous sites, and then go for a romantic meal? The Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Pantheon and Spanish Steps are all visited on our Best of Rome Walking Tour.



Raphael, one of the most prolific of the Renaissance artists is buried in the Pantheon. On this tour, your expert guide will share the story of his life. Although he died at the young age of 37, he packed a lot of loving into his time, with numerous affairs.

Another painter, Giorgio Vasari, wrote that Raphael was a “very amorous man and affectionate towards the ladies”. However, one lady, above all, captured his heart. Her name was Margherita Luti, and she was the daughter of a baker.

No one quite knows what illness took Raphael’s life, but we do know that in his will he made provision for funds to take care of Margherita for the rest of her days.

Linger longer on a whole day walking tour of Rome

couple outside colosseum

We all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but eight hours is ample time to explore Rome and get under the city’s skin.
Our Full Day Combo Rome Walking Tour provides you with the most enchanting experience of all things Rome. The city’s culture, history and food will be yours for the taking as you explore.

Begin as any self-respecting Roman would at the Colosseum. Our tour includes skip-the-line access, which means more time inside the ancient stone walls of this Roman monument. Hang onto your beloved closely; our guide will bring ancient Rome to life with stories of gladiators, wild beasts and bloodthirsty battles.

Included in this tour is time on Palatine Hill. This part of the tour also includes skip-the-line access, and your guide will share the legend of Rome’s birth with you here.

Discovering Rome on foot can be thirsty work, and we’ll make sure to stop for a gelato or espresso along the way. Sharing food is the language of love, and enjoying a quintessential Roman treat while on your couple’s walking tour of Rome is a #relationshipgoals moment not to be missed.

Once you’re back on your feet, we’ll explore for the rest of the day. Your time with us will be made up of excursions to various Roman landmarks, where our guides will share stories of Rome’s past and free time to make your own memories in this gorgeous city.

Take a walk on the darker side in the Eternal City

ghost tour of rome by night

Shared experiences are one of the best ways to keep your relationship strong. And nothing says shared experience quite like being scared at the same time!

Don’t worry, you’ll still be in safe hands with us. But it’s well worth exploring Rome’s lesser-known, ghostly side when you’re looking for an experience you and your partner can enjoy together.

Our Dark Heart of Rome tour is a 1.5-hour tour that takes place as the sun sets over the city. This is when many of Rome’s secrets and legends come to life. You’ll see some of Rome’s most beautiful sites, including the Campo de’ Fiori and Piazza Farnese, and walk down narrow, timeworn streets as you listen to eerie tales of murderous wives, executioners and other colorful characters of Rome’s dark past.

Discover Rome at night

rome couple holding hands

The Eternal City is just that. Eternal. Majestic, no matter what time of the day you discover it. There’s no doubt, however, that exploring Rome at night adds a different dimension to experiencing la dolce vita for yourself.

Eating, drinking and socializing have been refined to an art form by the Romans. Be part of the fun and passion when you join our 2.5 hour Night Tour of Rome. It’s a date on the town with your significant other that you’ll always remember.

Explore some of Rome’s most well-known places, including the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and Pantheon, and have time for an “aperitivo”, a small glass of wine and some Italian appetizers. As the moon rises up in the sky, you’ll be forgiven for believing that Rome is the capital of romance.

Rome on foot

Rome is a treasure to be explored at leisure and cherished. Experiencing this magical city by foot; getting close to its famous monuments, walking down its old streets, and enjoying a tasty Roman culinary morsel, is a couple treat like no other.

So dial up the romance on a walking tour of Rome, and make the ancient Romans proud!