Rome on a rainy day

Rome is known for beautiful, dry, sunny Mediterranean weather – It’s easy to forget that we see an awful lot of rain in winter, fall and spring!

If you happen to have a rainy day or two on your trip to Rome – don’t despair, here are 5 tips for how to stay dry and still have fun.

Get underground and under-cover

Our Crypts & Catacombs tour takes place entirely indoors, and all transfers are in a clean, dry bus. The drizzle will add to the eerie feel of the tour – there’s nothing quite like wandering the barren tunnels of the Roman Catacombs with the sound of raindrops overhead, Rome on a rainy day!

Corridor in the Rome Catacombs

Treat yourself to a nice, long Italian lunch in a rustic Osteria.

We’re talking all out 4 courses: Antipasto, Primo, Secondo & Dolce. Top it off with a limoncello, amaro and/or caffè. Try Osteria St. Ana near Piazza del Popolo for the atmosphere.

Get to know the Vatican

our Vatican Museums tours visit inside the Museums, so rain will not be a problem. On the plus side, the tour ends at St. Peter’s Basilica, where you can spend as long as you want inside marveling at the Pietà as you wait for the rain to die down.

The New Bramante Staircase

Be part of the Papal Audience

Spend a Wednesday morning with the Pope at the Papal Audience. If it’s raining they will always hold the audience indoors and while you are there you can offer up a prayer for better weather.

Forget the Umbrella

Don’t worry about keeping an umbrella on hand, about a second after it starts raining in Rome hundreds of street vendors will appear from seemingly nowhere, laden with every size and shape of umbrella you can imagine! They usually go for 2-5 euro.

Hanging umbrella decorations in Rome

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