Traveling solo has its own special charm. You have all the freedom in the world to do what you want, when you want and how you want. In fact, it's not uncommon to travel alone. In her book, "Traveling Solo", Eleanor Berman says there are nearly 16 million single travelers from the US, which accounts for almost 22 percent of all the nation's travelers, according to the U.S. Travel Data Center.* The experience can be very enriching since you are on your own, but you need to make some smart decisions to ensure you have a hassle-free trip.

Going it Solo or in a Group

Are you a regular traveler? If that’s the case, traveling solo might not be a big challenge for you. You already know all about the demands and requirements of travels. However, if you are not a regular traveler, you might want to consider joining a group tour. At City Wonders, we take care of all the needs of solo travelers. We make you a part of small groups so that you have company while sightseeing and can take off on your own in the evenings.

But, Is it Safe?

Safety is of prime concern when you are a solo traveler. The good thing is that you can research all important information before you visit your destination thanks to the easy access to information online.

Be alert and stay aware of your surroundings at all times. Most importantly, be in the public as much as possible, especially in places that are notorious for pick-pocketing. Avoid walking in secluded areas after sunset. Project a picture of strength and purpose. Solo travelers who look confused and lost are easy targets.

Most importantly, be sensible. Don't wander into unknown parts of town, leave valuables in your hotel, and don't carry all of your money and important documents with you.

Connecting with People is Key

Traveling solo gives you a chance to socialize with other travelers. However, you need to be aware of stranger safety measures. You may consider connecting with other solo travelers on social media. It's definitely a chance to meet new and interesting people, who may become good friends with whom you stay in touch.

How to Budget

Remember, traveling solo is more expensive than traveling in a group since you don’t have anyone to help split the costs. So financial backup is crucial when you travel solo. Make sure that you have your credit card at all times. And be sure to deposit extra money into your checking account to cover expenses.

Before you start, buy travel insurance that covers medical expenses, loss of luggage, flight cancellations and other such emergency situations. Talk to your friends and family back home to ensure you get support from home in case of an emergency.

Ready to Go?

Once you have planned and packed your bags, check out City Wonders for a complete range of incredible tours that are sure to deliver unique experiences, as well as set you up with friendly fellow travelers. 

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