Europe is a continent steeped in culture and character. Every place you visit has a different vibe, a different ambiance and offers unique experiences. However, if you have never been before, there are a few pieces of advice everyone should consider. Here is a selection of tips for traveling to Europe for the first time.

Don’t Over Pack

Europe can best be enjoyed by going on road trips. So, a lot of luggage will be an unnecessary hassle. Moreover, you can buy almost everything you want in the cheap stores and flea markets present in almost every city. You will need to buy raincoats and umbrellas because in Europe, you never know when and how the weather might change.

Counter Jetlag

When you are on a holiday to Europe, you would definitely not want to spend the first couple of days sleeping. Fight sleep and go sightseeing on the morning of your arrival. Drink a few cups of coffee and keep yourself awake at least until 8 pm. If you wear yourself out with activity throughout the day, you are likely to fall into an undisturbed sleep during the night and overcome the lag sooner.
For good measure, in your travel plan, add an extra day at the place where you first land so that you have a day to recover from the jetlag.


Traveling to Europe is perfectly safe. But not unlike any other major city, you should be aware of your surroundings. It's best to travel in groups and not wander off from the main streets and attractions. It's also a smart idea to leave some of your money, passport, and other important travel documents in the hotel safe to avoid their loss.

Train or Flight?

When traveling within Europe, book tickets in overnight trains. You can comfortably sleep on your berths in the train. If overnight trains are unavailable or don’t suit your travel plans, take a flight instead of a daytime train to save time. Visit Rail Europe to buy a train pass that is accepted across the continent. This way, you won’t have to wait in queues at ticket counters in railway stations.


Although English is widely spoken and understood in Europe, you cannot depend on finding English speaking people everywhere you go. So, learn a few common words in French or Italian before you arrive in Europe. Carry a pocket translation dictionary with you.

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