When you’re in Rome, you’re going to want to make sure that you go on one of the best Vatican tours there is. As the only official Vatican Partner, you can choose the tour that suits you best from our diverse selection.

We’re aware that for many people visiting the Vatican is a pilgrimage of sorts. Whether that’s for faith reasons, or to experience the magnificent art and culture that the Vatican Museums are renowned for, spending time in the Vatican is special.

Knowing where to go for lunch the day you visit the Vatican makes the whole experience even more special. There are many lovely eating options close by to the Vatican and everyone is catered for.

We share some of the best places for a quick bite to eat, or a spot to linger longer, for families, couples and solo travelers.

Lunch places near the Vatican

pizza at Bonci

One of the many wonderful aspects of Rome is that visitors to the city and locals mingle and eat in the same districts. This keeps prices reasonable for visitors as locals wouldn’t return to an overpriced restaurant.

With that in mind, let’s get onto the serious subject of pizza. Can there be any other food more beloved across the globe?

If you’re traveling with children, making time for a pizza is always a good idea. While Rome is teeming with pizzerias, Bonci Pizzarium, just one metro stop from the Vatican (Cipro stop) is a cut above the rest.

Open from 11 am six days a week, and midday on Sundays, the menu is devoted, naturally enough, to pizzas (but other Mediterranean specialties feature too).

If a Margherita pizza is your idea of heaven, you’ll be well taken care of here. But Bonci Pizzarium offers many other flavor combinations too. Everything from Italian cuts of charcuterie (prosciutto and mortadella) to potatoes (yes, really!) and zucchinis and other vegetables - you could eat here every day of the week and have a new pizza to try each time.

There’s a warm casualness to Bonci Pizzarium that people love. Eating here is a good idea no matter if you’re traveling alone, with your significant other or as family. However, it’s worth pointing out that this is a great family option as pizza has a remarkable ability to keep every family member, from the youngest to the oldest, happy.

Seating is outside on long benches or around high tables. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself as part of a pizza-loving community after just one bite!

Vegetarian and vegan options near the Vatican

gianicolo hill view of rome

The view over Rome from Gianicolo Hill, the ideal spot for a picnic

It’s not always the easiest to find restaurants or eateries that cater to vegetarian and vegan diets in Italy. It’s not impossible, but you have to know where to look.

200 Gradi, located in the Piazza Risorgimento, the district that the Vatican is located in, is a great option for a light meal or snack. Keep your eyes peeled as the shop is small, but you’re very close to it when you turn the corner towards Old Bridge Gelato, for the best ice cream in the world. Fact. This little sandwich shop elevates sandwiches to high art.

The menu offers nine different types of paninis, with vegetarian and vegan options sitting alongside choices for omnivores. This is the ideal place to stop and stock up on some food and drinks (the shop sells a selection of cold drinks) and then head to one of the nearby benches or walk up Gianicolo Hill, for a picnic like no other.

Fresh ingredients are guaranteed. Although the shop is small, 200 Gradi enjoys a supersize reputation among Romana foodies for its sandwiches. Try one and you’ll understand why.

The Perfect Italian Bistro

chefs in la zanzara

Chefs at La Zanzara take their jobs seriously

Is anyone on earth a fan of the mosquito? Well, we didn’t think there was, but then we discovered La Zanzara. Anyone who speaks Italian will know that “zanzara” means mosquito. So now we know that near the Vatican in Italy is a restaurant named after pesky mosquitoes.

We also know that this is one of the most brilliant bistros to while away a few hours enjoying a delicious lunch. Children are welcomed with joy, in general, in Rome, but we view La Zanzara as the perfect restaurant for a couple.

Meats, pasta and salads make up the menu here. Although prices are still reasonable, they do reflect that this establishment is a little smarter and higher-end than some of the other eateries near the Vatican.

That said, La Zanzara offers two menus. One for when you are settling in for a leisurely lunch and have a big appetite. And another for smaller plates, with more modest prices, if you’re not as hungry, or you want to try more dishes.


Head West for Traditional Italian Food

chef at Tre Pupazzi

Walk 15 minutes west from the Vatican City to find Tre Pupazzi. This restaurant is to be found in a building that dates back to 1625, and traditional Roman specialties make up the bulk of the menu.

This is the place to stop if you’re hungry and want to fuel up for an afternoon of more exploration. Portions of saltimbocca (veal and ham), ossobuco (veal stew in tomato sauce) and abbacchio (roast lamb) are hearty and delicious.

The owner’s wife is Portuguese, and on Fridays and Saturdays, Portuguese dishes appear on the menu. The wine list includes beautiful wines from Italy and Portugal.

Tre Pupazzi has a rustic air and is a quieter restaurant than many on our list. As a solo traveler or a couple, you’ll enjoy a few hours here to recharge the batteries and enjoy a mouthwatering meal.

Eating near the Vatican

With our selection of the best Vatican tours, you can choose a Vatican experience that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Adding a lunch to your time spent exploring the Vatican is another way to tailor-make your Vatican visit to your personal tastes. Whether you want to enjoy the best sandwich in Rome or enjoy a long lunch, the eateries we recommend near the Vatican all come with our highest compliments. Enjoy!