Paris is as much a visual feast below ground as it is above. Here, on our Paris Catacombs Underground Tour, you’ll discover a parallel labyrinth city of millions of skeletons, winding tunnels and haunting galleries. Our guide will bring this Paris to life for you with stories and legends, and lead you to parts of the Paris catacombs usually closed to the public.

Once you’ve met the denizens of the Parisian underground, you might want to experience another of the City of Light’s delights: it’s food.

There are many eateries close to the catacombs which come recommended by our local guides. All budgets are accommodated. We share some of the restaurant options you have when you visit Paris below the street level.

Breakfast options near the Paris catacombs

hot chocolate in angelina paris

Delicious hot chocolate breakfast

Your Mom was right; breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. And beginning the day with a breakfast in Paris is a travel highlight not to be missed.

Sitting in a small cafe, watching the city come to life as a new day gets underway, and enjoying a delicious breakfast is as Parisian as the Eiffel Tower.

If you’re traveling as a family and have children with you, and they love hot chocolate, then Angelina on Rue de Rivoli (2.2 miles from the catacombs), is well worth a visit. Old world charm, combined with a breakfast menu to get your stomach growling, and chocolate to die for make Angelina's a hit with locals and visitors alike. Just ask Coco Chanel who was a regular patron.

Eggs & Co is 1.3 miles away from the Paris catacombs and does a budget-friendly menu. This little cafe punches way above its weight for fresh, tasty food, and good value.

Paris is famous for the baguette, and where better to try one that at Baguett’s Cafe? Located less than 2.5 miles away from the catacombs, Baguett’s Cafe is a good value option for single travelers, couples and families who prioritize a substantial breakfast before a day’s sightseeing. The avocado toast, scones and pastries at Baguett’s Cafe come highly recommended.

Lunch options close to the catacombs of Paris

salmon and asparagus meal

Taking time out of your day to enjoy lunch in Paris is always a good idea.

Once again, you’ll find a selection of eateries in near proximity to the catacombs that meet every budget. You can also be assured of great food and an atmosphere that’s quintessentially French.

Less than a mile away from the catacombs is Lion Sot. This restaurant is a combination of a cafe and bistro and serves a mouthwatering menu. Children are well catered for here, and adults will enjoy the contemporary touches and food presentation. A midday plat du jour (plate of the day), consisting of two courses, averages less than $22.

Chez Félicie is even closer to the catacombs than Lion Sot. Just 0.4 miles away, they offer an exciting and modestly priced menu, with offerings as varied as tuna tartare, duck breast and burgers. This is also the spot to order the best French fries in the French capital. Don’t get too carried away; you want to make sure you leave space for the creme brulee dessert!

Vegetarians and vegans don’t always have the easiest time finding high-quality restaurants in Paris. But Kitchen, situated a little over 2 miles away from the catacombs, is the perfect antidote to these problems. Considered a great breakfast, brunch or lunch option for anyone looking for healthy food at a reasonable price, Kitchen’s menu is varied and plant-based. Kitchen is also well-loved for its selection of vegan coffees on offer. 

For a slightly more upmarket experience that doesn’t totally blow the budget, La Rotande is also close by. Less than a mile away, La Rotande’s menu is unmistakably French; no surprise since this brasserie is located right in the Montparnasse district. Everything here is delicious, but the grilled asparagus and salmon, and the peach sorbet for dessert deserve extra special mention.

Dinner eateries nearby the Paris Catacombs

creperie josselin painting

Conventional wisdom dictates that restaurants in prime tourist hot spots will charge top dollar simply because they can.

Meet the exception to the rule in Au Petit Suisse. Located 1.1 miles from the catacombs, and right opposite the Jardin du Luxembourg, this lovely little restaurant is renowned for its warm atmosphere, tasty food and fast service. The menu is mainly French, with steak and frites (French fries) taking center stage. Au Petit Suisse also enjoys high regard for its steak tartare and its French onion soup.

Famous for its charcuterie plates at incredibly reasonable prices, L’Ecir is just 0.2 miles from the catacombs. This restaurant also has a good reputation for accommodating different food allergies and preferences. Children are welcome and opening hours stretch for nearly 24 hours, from 8 am to midnight.

One of France’s greatest contributions to cuisine has to be the crepe. This type of pancake may be seen as a dessert in some parts of the world, but in Paris, it takes its rightful place as a meal at any time of day. You can enjoy the very best crepes Paris has to offer when you enjoy a dinner at La Crêperie de Josselin. Yes, that’s right. A dinner.

A savory crepe, with any number of fillings, ranging from cheese to vegetables to chicken and other cuts of meat, is a satisfying (and reasonably priced) evening meal. The restaurant is open from midday to 11 pm from Wednesdays to Sundays.

Great food and prices in Paris

The American writer, Ernest Hemingway, called Paris “a moveable feast”, and once you experience it for yourself, you’ll be inclined to agree.

The city’s eateries are a large part of the smorgasbord of delights offered to visitors.

Paris occasionally has a reputation as an expensive city, and there’s no doubt that it can be pricey. But, with a little thought and planning, you can eat well at a very reasonable cost in the most beautiful city of them all!