Eat, Drink and Discover Venice

When you ask yourself what is Venice famous for at the end of your visit, you’ll know the answer. Canals, romance, history, Casanova... and food!

In spite of its status as one of the most visited places on earth, the city of the lagoon still beguiles, and still surprises, with her many secrets.

Venice will bewitch you from the moment you arrive. Its spellbinding magic is the number one ingredient which it is famous for. Best of all, while you’re on any of our tours, you’ll have all the opportunity in the world to discover what to eat in Venice. Eating in Venice, is after all, is one of the great perks of being alive!

Keeping it Real at Trattoria Alla Rampa

Tourism is big business in Venice, and often stories hit the mainstream media of how overcrowded the city is becoming. This is a risk during peak seasons, but to think that Venice has become one big tourist attraction and nothing else is to grossly underestimate the city and the Venetians.

Venice is proud and still retains all of her original character. And in unsuspecting corners of the city, you can still find this character writ large.

One such place is on Via Garibaldi, next to the canal. Here, one of the few remaining fruit and vegetable boats in Venice brings produce into the city, and just a few steps from where the boat moors, is Trattoria Alla Rampa.

This small restaurant is run by a brother and sister and it's hand-painted sign lets you know immediately that you’re going to get the real deal here. Specialties include zuppa di pesce (fish soup), risi e bisi (rice and peas) and various pasta dishes. The boat workers get taken care of first, but visitors are welcome if there’s any space. (Top tip: This is one of the most affordable places to eat in Venice and the food is of star quality.)

Find the Perfect Coffee at Caffe del Doge

Coffee aficionados need only follow their noses to find the best java in town. Located a few streets back from the Grand Canal on San Polo and in Santa Croce, you’ll find Caffe del Doge.

Far enough away from the main tourist thoroughfare, this cafe is more of an insider secret and is packed with locals rather than visitors to Venice. They prize its slow approach to making the perfect brew. That only makes it all the more worthwhile for seeking out and enjoying the best Venetian coffee you’ll taste. Standing room only, and the place gets packed.

caffe del doge

Step into the Style at Quadri

Long considered part of the Venetian landscape, Quadri has been one of the city’s finest dining establishments since 1830.

Overlooking St. Mark’s Square, you’ll be right in the thick of all things Venetian when you dine here. Three and five-course tasting menus steal the show with an emphasis on seasonality, and amuse-bouches take their job seriously and delight you instantly. You’ll also find gluten-free options at Quadri; a rarity in Venice.

Quadri’s environment is as delicious as its food and its Michelin star. Murano glass chandeliers light up the walls, which are covered in luxurious fabrics with playful designs created by local artisans. A meal at Quadri’s doesn’t fall in the budget category but it’s worth it. Make sure you reserve ahead of time!


quadri chef with knives

Complaints Department

Explore the Nightlife at Trattoria Antiche Carampane

Venice’s red light district, encompassing Rialto, has a fascinating history. Venetian ladies of the night in previous centuries were powerful enough to have their own guild and were protected by the public health authority. This had more to do with money than genuine concern since the prostitution trade provided a high degree of income to the city’s coffers.

Today, the area is one of the most vibrant and exciting in Venice and a great place to sample the nightlife.

When you go to Venice, enjoying a meal at Trattoria Antiche Carampane is a must do. The family that owns this restaurant has deep ties to the area and they go back generations. The restaurant is a winner with local residents, always a sign of stellar quality, and the staff speak Venetian, a language influenced by the Dalmatian languages and Spanish, not Italian, a language influenced by Latin. How is that for authentic?!

Anything and everything on the Trattoria Antiche Carampane menu is worth trying, but notable mentions are lightly battered shrimp called schie. The shrimp comes from the lagoon and are all of a foodie’s food dreams come true at once. For pasta lovers, the taglionlini is a very thin tagliatelle with a sauce made of fish and spices. Lip-smackingly good.

stars in venice

You never know who you might bump into here

Pass the Passeggiata at Alla Vedova

The passeggiata is the golden hour of dusk that Venetians have elevated to an art. This hour is dedicated to the art of socializing and usually encompasses a stroll.
As the sun is casting shadows in piazzas and the day is slowly ending, locals will pop into small bars for a small glass of wine.

Alla Vedova, the local name for a bar formally listed in guidebooks as Ca’ d’Oro, is an atmospheric bar in Cannaregio, the same area that houses the Jewish Ghetto.

Not only will you find a smorgasbord of wines to sample here, but the kitchen keeps up a steady stream of meatballs that melt in the mouth.

meatballs in venice

Delicious meatballs

Harry's Bar

Harry’s Bar opened in 1931, owned by bartender Giuseppe Cipriani. Years before, while working as a bartender at another establishment, Cipriani had given Harry Pickering, a wealthy young Bostonian down on his luck, 10,000 lire (approximately $500). Harry repaid Giuseppe with an added bonus and suggested he set up a new bar. Nothing else really needs to be said about this establishment (actually a restaurant more than a bar) in San Marco.

Except, that Harry’s Bar is now as much a state of mind as it is a place to enjoy a world-famous Bellini (the cocktail invented here made up of white peach juice and sparkling wine).

And it’s simply out of this world.

harry's bar in venice

The usual, please

Venice is always a very good idea.

Chief of which has to be the city’s amazing restaurants and bars. If you’re wondering what to eat in Venice, rest assured that you’ll have a choice second to none laid before you. After sampling some of The Floating City’s delights, eating in Venice may just become your new favorite pastime.