Las Ramblas is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Barcelona, Spain. A 1.2 kilometer stretch of road bordered by the Port Vell in the south end and Placa Catalunya in the northern end, Las Ramblas is a beehive of activities. There are so many things to do here, from observing the unique architecture of the buildings to eating in the delicious food markets, watching shows, visiting museums and shopping. When you visit the Las Ramblas promenade, you experience the real Barcelona in action. At City Wonders, we take you through a well-planned tour of Las Ramblas and make sure that you have plenty of pleasant memories to take back home.

Architecture in Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Notice the Architecture

When you are in Las Ramblas, make sure to look up the buildings to get a feel of the architecture here. Several buildings flaunt magnificent architecture from cultures all over the world. Some of the highlights are the Liceu Opera House, the Japanese paintings and decorations and the Chinese-style architecture of the Sabadell bank.

Clap for the Street Performers

Las Ramblas is famous for its street performers dressed as exceptional human statues. The performers are outlandishly dressed in stunning costumes. Together, all the human statues convert Las Ramblas into an open air sculpture museum. Perhaps, this is the only place where you can see statues scratching their nose and adjusting their dresses! In addition to the human statues, you can also see acrobats, dancers and clowns at Las Ramblas.

Columbus Monument, Las Ramblas

Take a Trip Up the Columbus Monument

Visit the 60m tall Columbus Monument and take the tiny lift up to the very top to enjoy the best view of the city. The monument was constructed to honor Christopher Columbus for his first voyage overseas.

Eat at the La Boqueira Food Market

The food market at La Boqueira presents a stunning display of foods from around the world. Try some of the Spanish specialties here. You can see huge varieties of candied sweets, fruits, vegetables, meats and foods that you might have never seen before.

Liceu Theater, Las Ramblas, Barcelona

See the Liceu Opera House

The Liceu is one of the most famous theaters in Barcelona. Besides the shows that go on in the theater, the architecture and interiors of the theater are worth seeing. Although it’s an opera house, several other shows also take place here.

Visit the Canaletas Fountain

The Canaletas Fountain is an ornate 19th century piece of art with a lamp post as its crown. It is located in the upper part of Las Ramblas. The design is worth a visit. Our English-speaking guide takes you through all the wonderful places on Las Ramblas. Each tour consists of small groups of not more than fifteen people. Also, since the promenade is active and noisy, we also provide an audio headset so that you can hear the guide clearly. Talk a walk through Las Ramblas and have a ball! Book the Las Ramblas tour today.

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