Ah, London. One of the most iconic cities in the world, it’s forever lively with endless things to do. But what about from a romance perspective? Let’s say you’ve booked a trip away with your significant other, and have no idea where to start in terms of what to do to make it special. Well you’re in luck, as in today’s post we’re chatting about just that. We’re telling you about both traditional and indulgent things to do on your London couple’s break, all of which have a signature and unforgettable romantic twist.

Horse-riding date

Horse-Riding through Hyde Park

When we think of horseback-riding on a date, we can’t help but imagine doing so at sunset on the beach. We can’t promise that scenario unfortunately, but we can say that Hyde Park is just as good! If you’re nervous and haven’t done it before, never fear. Hyde Park Stables cater for everyone, from beginners to experts, and will choose a horse specifically based on your preferences and level of skill. Whether you’re looking for lessons, an arena ride or just a fun couple of hours, we can’t help but recommend spending an afternoon on horseback to bond with your loved one. As one of London’s most popular sites, it’s a two-in-one deal really!

Vintage old-style cinema

Watch Movies at Electric Cinema

We know, we know, you can go to the movies anywhere, but hear us out. It’s a much more elaborate experience, in a vintage ‘50s-style venue, which presents a velvet curtain at the screen, a decadent chandelier and a table lamp beside every seat. With cushy leather armchairs lined up in a row, it also features smooth futon-style couches toward the front of the theater for a cosier experience. To top it all off, you’’ be served by the most pleasant and polite of staff, who also serve food and drink during the movie. Perfect date night alert? We certainly think so.

A boat ride down the River Thames, London, UK

Take a Boat Ride Down the Thames

Whether you’re new to London or not, a boat ride down the Thames is an ideal romantic outing. Along the River Thames, you’ll see several of the city’s most iconic sites, such as the Tower of London, the Palace of Westminster, the London Eye and more. With a multitude of possible cruises available, there are options to dine or have drinks throughout. Talk about taking date night to the next level, are we right?

A picnic in a grassy park

Have a Picnic at Primrose Hill

What’s cuter than a picnic in the park, we ask? The correct answer is very little! Imagine it. You’re surrounded by trees and greenery, the sun’s beaming across Primrose Hill. You’re sat upon a cosy blanket, snacking on sandwiches and sipping juice. Sounds dreamy, right? We thought so, too. Easy to get to with plenty of local transport options, Primrose Hill is in close proximity to London Zoo, which is another assured date location for a couple's break in London.

A bartender pouring a glass of champagne

Book the Champagne Experience on the London Eye

When in London, eh? Why do the traditional London Eye experience when you can take it to level 10? If you’re interested, we’ll let you in on all the perks that come with this. First off, you’ll get priority boarding and fast-track entry. You’ll receive a glass of chilled Pommery Brut Royal Champagne, and a personal host too. And to top it all off, there’s also Samsung interactive in-capsule guides and entry to a 4D cinema experience. Sounds dreamy? We can’t help but agree! Endlessly romantic, especially at sunset, it will stand as the perfect commemorator of your time in London.

The Sky Garden, London, UK

View London’s Skyline from the Sky Garden or the Aqua Shard

We all know that London is an incredibly beautiful city, and the Sky Garden is the perfect place to see it for yourself. Standing as London’s highest public garden, this distinctive building lets in endless light from its many windows. Showcasing effortlessly modern interiors and greenery throughout, it also has a restaurant, a bar and a terrace to take in the skyline in all its glory. The Aqua Shard is another great option for views of the city. Consisting of a restaurant and bar on the 31st floor of the Shard, you can expect modern British food and stunning panoramic views if you visit here.

A romantic candlelit dinner with wine

The Good Ol' Dinner and Drinks

Because it’s worked well for centuries already, am I right? Dinner and drinks can be the perfect evening date before retreating for the night. In terms of food, luckily you can find any cuisine that takes your fancy in London. We’ve got a few recommendations for the most romantic restaurants in London, and we think you may just love ‘em! First up, we’ve got Clos Maggiore. Voted the world’s most romantic restaurant, we couldn’t help but include it here! Think French cuisine, white blossoms overhead, fairy lights, candlelit dinners… Need we say more? We’ve also got Blanchette East, which has a much more casual and relaxed vibe, while still maintaining an air of romance. Meal-sharing is encouraged here, making date night much more personal and enjoyable if that’s your thing.

A romantic hotel room with flowers, candles and champagne

Choose a Romantic Hotel to Perfect Your Stay

Like the numerous romantic date locations mentioned above, why not stay at a romantic hotel to match? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from! We’ll start with Blakes Hotel, which is London’s very first boutique hotel. It opened in 1978, and presents incredible interiors with a regal twist, such as four-poster beds and Mother-of-Pearl furniture. Next up, the Zetter Townhouse. This hotel presents a decadent atmosphere, showcasing rich colours, dark furnishings and tall candles throughout for a truly romantic feel. And lastly, the Rosewood London. Ranking an incredible five stars and having the ambiance of a stylish London home, this hotel will add a true sense of luxury to your stay. Well, what’re you waiting for? Get booking!

If you’re looking for anything further to do in the city on your couple’s break, we have a number of London tours available.