There’s no shortage of interesting things to do in Barcelona for couples, especially when you visit the surreal sites of Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and Montserrat. Once you make the journey here with your significant other, Barcelona just may become your favorite romantic European city. Here are our top suggestions for making your romantic trip to Barcelona unforgettable.

1. Flamenco Dancing

flamanco dancer

There’s no dance form quite like flamenco. Part movement, part singing, part clapping; the insistent rhythms of flamenco is all about one thing and one thing only. Passion.

History doesn’t hold an accurate account on the origins of flamenco, but we do know that the dance developed in Andalusia in the 8th to 10th century when Spain was part of the Arab world. Today, flamenco is living art form of multiple influences, including Gypsy, Arabic, Jew and Christian.

Visiting one (or a few) of the flamenco bars (top tip: the best ones are to be found off of La Rambla), sipping a glass of wine and nibbling on some tapas is a sure fire way to get your own feet moving and a desire to dance.

2. Rooftop Views

rooftop view of Barcelona

Rooftop view on Hotel 1898

Barcelona’s temperate climate is inviting nearly the whole year round, but March to late October are particularly enjoyable months to be outside. And above ground!

Many of the city’s bars have gorgeously designed roof terraces and snuggling up on one as you listen to the city around you is one of the best ways to experience Barcelona.

There are countless rooftop terraces to discover, and exploring a few of them is part of the fun.

  • Terraza Colón is located seven floors above the Gothic Quarter and from here you can see both the port and the hill of Mountjuic.
  • Terraza Ayre on the Ayre Rosellón Hotel is situated directly in front of the majestic Sagrada Familia and has the best views of the cathedral apart from our tower access tour.
  • Hotel 1898, located on La Rambla, and now a luxury hotel that used to be the headquarters of a tobacco company, has a stunning rooftop terrace. A jug of sangria, a panoramic view, and you and your partner have got everything you need for the night!

3. Boadas Bar

boadas bar

A word to the wise; you’ll be getting close with everyone in Boadas Bar, not just your special someone. This tiny little bar, just off of La Rambla on Carrer dels Tallers, is an art deco cocktail bar huge on charm.

Opened in 1933, the bar has remained the same since. This is no small feat in an area constantly changing to reflect the trends. Bar staff, dressed immaculately in smart tuxedos, will prepare the cocktail on your dreams whether it appears on the menu or not.

Best of all, Boadas attracts a mix of locals and tourists, and a visit here really gets you under the skin of the city.

4. Romantic Mosaics

kiss mosaic

The World begins with a Kiss

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is considered to be the heart of the old part of the city, but it’s pretty central to the new part of the city too.

Along with many architectural gems and fascinating history, the Gothic Quarter is also home to a giant romantic mosaic of a kiss. Each small tile is made up of photos of Barcelona residents and it is called "The World Begins with a Kiss". A quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes is part of the mosaic.

The sound of a kiss is not as loud as that of a cannon, but it's echo lasts a great deal longer

5. Rowing Boats

ciutadella park

Hire a boat

As you discover more of the romantic side to Barcelona, you’ll want to join the couples enjoying a nautical experience at Ciutadella Park.

One of Barcelona’s undeniable charms is the outdoor lifestyle it offers locals and visitors alike, and the city’s Ciutadella Park is not to be missed. For less than €10, couples can rent a boat for half an hour and row on the smooth, calm lake. 

6. Romantic Food

chocolate in boqueiria

Just a tiny fraction of the delicacies to be found in La Boqueiria

Food has always played a huge role in the art of seduction and there is nothing better in Barcelona than a stroll through one of its many colorful food markets.

The most famous food market in Barcelona is the Boqueria Market, dating back to 1217. Located at 91 La Rambla (approximately at the halfway point on Barcelona’s famous street), Boqueria doesn’t only sell food but also has multiple little bars and restaurants to try. Romantic and cost-effective, eating and drinking here will cost a fraction of what an equivalent meal would be on the main thoroughfare.

7. Try a Classically Shared Dish

mobile phone with paella

Spain has many dishes that are perfect for sharing between two people. Paella, a recipe originating from Valencia, and made with short grain rice, is perfect for getting closer while you enjoy a delicious meal. Usually served in one shallow dish, and consisting of any number of ingredients, from seafood to poultry and vegetables, paella is made for sharing.


8. Architecture

sagrada familia

As mentioned at the opening of this post, you don’t want to miss the unique Catalan architecture when you visit Barcelona. This is the city of Gaudi, the architect who created the incredible Sagrada Familia. Along with exploring the landmark cathedral you can also take a day trip to the mountain monastery of Montserrat that inspired him. Strolling through Park Guell where he unleashed his organic genius or exploring the city in search of his many creations are perfect ways to spend time together.

The Dream Romantic Weekend

The point of a romantic weekend in Barcelona is to spend time experiencing its unique wonders with your partner. Using what we know of the city as a guide of things to do in Barcelona for couples, we have a suggested itinerary which combines equal parts Catalan culture, food and experiences for you. Or you can design your own dream weekend.


  • Paella and Flamenco
  • Boadas Bar



One thing is for sure - Barcelona will beguile you no matter which of our tours you go on. Not only will you enjoy one of the most romantic times of your life with your significant other in Barcelona, but you’ll lose your heart to the city as well!