Do you like to ice skate? How about on one of the Seven Wonders of the World, 188 feet above one of the most Romantic cities on Earth? That's right, Eiffel Tower ice skating is back this year, and it is your chance for an experience that is going to be exhilarating to say the least!

When Did it All Start?

The first ice skating rink was opened on the Eiffel Tower in 1969. However, this was a small rink and was eventually closed for renovations. In December 2004, it was reopened but was shut down in 2012 when the first floor was being renovated. Now, after two years, the skating rink has opened once more and is all ready to welcome skaters this Christmas. While you enjoy this exhilarating skate, you can also catch some of the best views of Paris.

Inexpensive and Fun

The good thing about Eiffel Tower ice skating is that anybody with a ticket can also enjoy this exciting activity. This means that after your City Wonders Eiffel Tower tour to visit this stunning steel masterpiece, you will be able to skate your heart's content! Moreover, skates are provided free of charge. So, you don’t incur any additional costs to enjoy dancing on the ice at almost 200 ft above ground.

The size of the ice skating rink at the Eiffel Tower is 190 square meters. Lined along the skating rink is a special bar that serves hot wine, hot chocolate, sandwiches and soup. So, whether you like to skate, watch or cheer your friends as they go, the Eiffel Tower has something to offer for every visitor.

Limited Time Only

Just remember, this great opportunity is going to be open for a limited period of time during the winter months. You can take adavantage of it only between the 8th of December and 15th of February.

With all these exciting activities going on at the Eiffel Tower, you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything even when the summit is closed in the month of January. You can still enjoy fabulous views along with ice skating.

At City Wonders, you are accompanied by an expert guide who will keep you engaged with amazing stories and facts related to the tower and its history.

So lace 'em up and let's hit the ice, or check out our full list of Paris tours.