London, Paris and Rome offer numerous fun-filled activities to enjoy on a family vacation. We help you make the most of your time in these exciting cities by taking you on well-organized guided tours to some of the best family-friendly attractions, so if you're planning on a family spring break in Europe, read on!

London for the Family

If your kids are Harry Potter fans, you might want to take our totally unique Harry Potter Studio Tour, which is sure to bring back memories of scenes from the popular movies as you check out the sets and real props with a dedicated Warner Bros. guide. You can explore the world of Hogwarts, the Great Hall, Platform 9 ¾, Hagrid’s Hut and more.

Visit the famous British Museum for an informative and enlightening tour. The British Museum have ancient Egyptian Mummies, the Rosetta Stone, hieroglyphics and numerous artworks on display. If you love going back in time and want to dig deeper into history, London offers several more options. Other popular museums include Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the Geffrye Museum, Horniman Museum and Gardens and London Transport Museum, to name a few.

Of course no visit to London is complete without seeing its famous Tower. Explore the mysteries of this British icon as never before on our special Tower of London Family Tour, which includes a cruise on the Thames and plenty of facts and tidbits to pique your children's curiosity.

One off-the-beatenpath destination you must visit is the Brizton Windmill. Here, you can see a full-restored and maintained windmill and take a peek into the agricultural history of London. Kids are going to love the countryside farms filled with bright flowers. To engage children, different activities are held on different occasions such as the Easter Egg Hunt and Summer Festival.

A Fun-Filled Parisian Holiday

Paris is not just a paradise for lovers; it’s also a family-friendly location. Start your stint in Paris with an Eiffel Tower tour. Standing tall and proud against the Paris sky, this tower is a real wonder. You can take the lift to the tower's 2nd floor and enjoy a panoramic view of Paris. Your kids will enjoy playing in the beautiful gardens surrounding the Eiffel Tower too.

The Louvre Museum excites kids and adults alike. Take a guided tour of the Museum to explore the hidden treasures here. From the stunning works of Leonardo da Vinci to French Neoclassical works, this museum has a lot to offer to satiate the hidden art-connoisseur in you and your kids on our Louvre Family Tour.

Aquarium de Paris is another spot that is just right for kids. The marine creatures in the aquarium range from sharks and stingrays to puffers and clownfishes. Besides watching the marine creatures, you can also watch films and indulge in several other activities. Towards the evening, you can go on a cruise on River Seine and watch the major landmarks during the ride.

Fun is Also Eternal in Rome

Rome can obviously be no exception to the rule. I mean can any child come to Rome and not want to see inside the Colosseum? Getting the logistics down and making sure your little travelers aren't left staring off into space while you're immersed in the history is also a tricky balance to strike.

Fortunately, family travel is on the rise and tour companies are meeting demand to take that meaningful bond to the next level. Heck, even the artistic treasures in the Vatican Museums are no longer off-limits to parents who want to make sure their sons and daughters grow up with a cultural imprint that goes beyond the tablet or smartphone. Rome family tours have come and are here to stay too!