The Eternal City is a delight in itself, but the rest of Italy is full of treasures to discover too. Going on day trips from Rome allows you to explore the best of both worlds.

Traveling is one of the best ways to make family memories that will last several generations. And Italy is the perfect country in which to travel as a family. Children of all ages are welcome, and the family-oriented culture of the Italians ensures that there’s something for everyone. Just think of pizza and lemon slushies in Pompeii!

Rome is filled to the brim with sites to see and experiences to be had, but there’s more to this city than initially meets the eye. The Italian capital is also an ideal base from which to explore the rest of the country.

We share some of our best family day trips from Rome in our post below.

Discover Pompeii on a day trip from Rome

family tour of pompeii

As enduring as the volcano that stands ominously in its shadow, Pompeii is a perfectly preserved Roman town not to be missed. We offer day trips from Rome to Pompeii and a 12-hour trip that goes from Rome to Sorrento and Pompeii.

Although walking through the devastated grounds of Pompeii can be sobering, you’ll also discover more about Roman life. Prior to Mt. Vesuvius destroying this once prosperous Roman coastal town, it was an important merchant hub. You’ll see where the citizens of Pompeii lived, worked, educated their children and played.

The remains of fast-food restaurants, bathhouses and theatres are as present as courts, business premises and roads. The Romans liked their fun! Our unique skip-the-line access into the Pompeii Archaeological Site means no one in your family has to stand in line. And that means more time immersed in history as you explore Pompeii.

On our Pompeii & Mt. Vesuvius Volcano Day Trip from Rome, there’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in something else that’s quintessentially Italian. And that’s pizza!

Our tours are designed to include free time as much as possible, to really enjoy the experience of traveling in Italy. On this tour, once the sightseeing is completed, you and your family will sit down to a traditional Neapolitan lunch of delicious pizza and refreshing lemon slushies. Those Romans knew a thing or two about lunch!

Explore the Amalfi Coast

family at amalfi

Visiting the Amalfi Coast may be the closest any of us mortals can get to heaven while we’re still on earth. No adjectives do the beauty of this coast justice. But luckily you don’t need to rely on adjectives. When you base yourself in Rome, you and your family can explore this picturesque region on one of our day trips from Rome to Amalfi Coast.

A high-speed train helps us maximize the time we have in this most beautiful corner of the world. Alongside discovering the stunning towns of Positano and Amalfi, you and your family will be spoilt with spectacular sea views, plenty of time to enjoy a limoncello (a local lemon liqueur with strong providence in the Amalfi region) or a gelato on one of the beaches along the coastline.

There will also be time to shop in the small boutiques dotted along the Amalfi Coast and enjoy a light lunch at your own leisure.

Just before we board the train to head back to Rome, we’ll spend time getting to know a local cheesemaker. Mozzarella tasting is a rite of passage when you visit this memorable coastline.

Visit the Floating City

Venice family outside St. Mark's Basilica

Few cities invoke as much a sense of place like Venice. This ancient maritime republic was once one of the most powerful cities in the world - and it’s never quite forgotten that fact. Still haughty and gorgeous, you can easily explore Venice on one of our day trips from Rome Italy

Why not give your children, no matter what their ages are, the opportunity to sail down one of Venice’s stunning canals? Venice is jam-packed with history, but the whole city is a living museum. There’s something much more appealing learning about history from the seat of a gondola than in a stuffy classroom.

Our tour includes some exclusive extras. You’ll skip-the-lines into Saint Mark’s Basilica and have more time to explore the dazzling mosaics that line the walls and ceilings of this stunning building. We also include the opportunity to walk on the terraces of the basilica for our customers. No other tour company offers this experience, but we wouldn’t want you to miss the views from this vantage point. They’re simply spectacular!

You’ll uncover more of Venice’s mystique when you explore the rest of the city’s many hidden gems. And there are many. From Rialto Bridge to Marco Polo’s house, to the atmospherically named Bridge of Sighs, and many other sites, you’ll get to know the real Venice on your day tour with us.


Eat and drink in Tuscany

children playing in tuscan village

Tuscany is famous for its rolling hills, stunning countryside and beautiful vineyards. You’ll be able to explore all of these characteristics, plus many more Tuscan delights when you and your family join us on a day trip of Tuscan food and wine tasting from Rome.

Your day tour will include a visit to Montepulciano, one of Tuscany’s most alluring towns, and time spent in its ancient Abbey to hear monk chanting. Then, we travel to a magnificent vineyard where a three-course lunch will be ready for you and your family. Adult and child palates are well catered for using locally sourced ingredients. A sublime Brunello di Montalcino wine is included in the menu for adults.

Tuscany is also famous for its artisan cheeses, and just before we leave this magnificent corner of Italy we’ll visit the old town of Pienza. This town is known for two things; it’s Pecorino cheese and its stunning vistas of Tuscany’s beguiling countryside.

Closer to home in Rome

ostia antica statues

Just outside of Rome is Ostia Antica. We offer a half-day tour to get to know this off-the-beaten-track town better. Away from Rome’s bustling streets is this well preserved Roman town. Once home to 50,000 people, you can still see the grooves of the chariots in the roads of this 4th-century urban establishment. Young, budding archeologists will love the opportunity to explore life as it was many millennia ago.

Finally, it may come as a surprise to know that Rome itself is a wine producer. What can we say? The Eternal City is full of surprises. Join us on our Frascati Vineyard & Wine Tasting Tour as we spend 3.5 hours in some of Rome’s most beautiful vineyards and olive groves. A wine and olive oil tasting is included, as are colorful stories of Bacchus, the god of wine, and the Roman origin of modern wine bottles.

Rome, as well as further afield, is full of surprises. We’ll help you discover them all!