Some people might travel to Milan for the food and the sights, while other’s come to see Italy’s fashion capital. But what is there to do at night? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Today’s post goes into detail on many parts of Milan’s night scene, from pubs and bars to jazz clubs and live music venues. With our last, we’ll ensure that you have somewhere to go for every night of your stay, whether you’re a local or not!

Cocktail making at a bar


Dry – Serving a delectable combination of cocktails and pizza, Dry's signature creations of food and drink will be both delicious and unforgettable.
Bar Cuore – Presenting a laid-back feel with an artsy, alternative vibe, spend your evenings relaxing in the cosy atmosphere, or alternatively, go to their occasional concerts where DJs and live bands dominate the venue with pumping tunes.
B:Free – Perfect for cocktail-lovers, their in-house specialist creates all of the usual favorites with a signature B:Free twist, using distinctive ingredients such as caviar and gelatin.
Bere Buono Birra - Bere Buono Birra is next on our list, which appropriately means “Drink Good Beer”. With a small selection of custom favorites, this bar also provides a takeaway service, meaning you can take a beer with you to enjoy at home.
Bicerìn – Bicerìn is a wine lounge in the Porta Venezia area. With bohemian interiors and cosy mood lighting, it’s an assured spot for a relaxed evening out. Spread out on an armchair and sample from 800 different wines to enjoy your evening in comfort and style.

Young people dancing in a club


Volt – Volt presents a futuristic design with neon lighting, an ultra modern setting and sleek all-black interiors. Requiring a fashion-forward dress code for entry, you can enjoy a range of hip hop, Mondrian jazz and electronica throughout the weekend.
Tunnel Club – Located in an old warehouse under the central station in Milan, the Tunnel Club is a segment of Milan’s nightlife scene. To experience quality electronic music, flashing multi-tonal lights and artistic visuals, the Tunnel Club is the place to be.
Wall – Wall is known for their house and techno-based nights, as well as for their DJ sets and live events line-up. Featuring two cocktail bars (one of which is on the roof) to enjoy a selection of tasty beverages, you’ll feel the adrenaline like electricity on a venture to Wall.
Byblos (Now B38) – Presenting a trendy, modern design and a glass paneled dancefloor, everyone should bask in the sleek appeal of B38 at least once. With social areas and numerous celebrity appearances, this club guarantees a night of fun for all involved.
Hollywood Rythmoteque – Famed across the country for being one of Italy’s most established clubs, you’ll feel like a superstar when visiting Hollywood Rythmoteque. Attracting a wide audience from famous personalities to the youthful and locals, you can enjoy endless dance-offs in this hip club right up until 5AM.

A tankard of beer on a bar


The Friends Pub Milano – Serving a selection of beers from across Europe, great atmosphere on St Patrick’s Day and during Oktoberfest, as well as any other day of the week.
Tipota – With a friendly atmosphere, beer on tap, free snacks and table football? Paint us sold. Perfect for any day of the week, it’s a safe bet for blowing off some steam with your pals.
Saloon of the Artists – If you’re looking for a fun night filled with intrigue, Saloon of the Artists is the ideal contender with drinking games, affordable drinks and snacks, as well as friendly bartenders and locals.
La Ratera – A true Italian experience, it’s enjoyable for both tourists and locals. Serving traditional Milanese cuisine and a selection of craft beers, you’ll relish your evening while feeling right at home at La Ratera.
Pogue Mahones – Utterly sincere in its Irish nature, Pogue Mahones reflects this with its interior, music playlist and selection of drinks available. Enjoy a clean glass of whiskey or an Irish coffee, you can embed yourself in the Gaelic lifestyle and a cosy, friendly atmosphere.

Microphone on the stage in a jazz bar

Jazz Bars & Live Music

Jazz bars are well-established throughout Italy, and Milan is no exception to the rule. Some of the more widely known jazz bars in the city are Blue Note, the Blueshouse, Jazz Café, Caffé Doria and Osteria del Jazz. Some of our favorite venues to experience live music with dinner and drinks, or alternatively without are Bloom, Nidaba Theater, Circolo Magnolia, Alcatraz and Mimo.