An absolute essential on any trip to Italy, we can guarantee that gelato will be your new favorite dessert upon your return. In today’s post, we’re bringing you a collection of the best gelato places on the Amalfi Coast. We can’t promise that you won’t be hungry or craving sweets after reading this post, and we’re not sorry about it!

Cones of gelato

Gelateria Buonocore, Capri

Very well-known throughout Capri, Gelateria Buonocore is the place to be for the best gelato on the island. Serving an array of different flavors such as chocolate hazelnut, stracciatella, and toasted almond, they match their efforts with warm sugar cones straight from the oven. At Gelateria Buonocore, you’ll also find convenient ready-made meals, pastries, macarons, tarts, and cakes of all sorts to be enjoyed throughout the day and evening. They provide gift baskets or boxes to bring home with you if you’d like to have them at another time or send on to a loved one. They’ve also set up shop at the Marina Grande, FYI!

An Italian gelateria

Pasticceria Savoia, Amalfi

Founded by the Amatruda family, the original goal of Pasticceria Savoia was to present the traditional, local sweets of Campania. During World War II, control of the business was taken over by the women of the family, who now serve delicious treats like Sicilian cannolis, lobster tail pastries, and chocolate panettone. Along with these, they have a large selection of traditional Italian gelato flavors available, such as amarena (black cherry), cassata (pistachio, vanilla, and strawberry with sponge cake and nuts) and one of the things that Southern Italy is famous for: Limoncello (a lemon-flavored liqueur). What can we say? When in Amalfi and all that!

The process of making gelato

Baffone Gelateria Artigiannale, Ravello

Opened by brothers Ugo and Valentina D’Angelo in Ravello, Baffone Gelateria Artigiannale is a commemoration to their grandfather, Raffaele Amato, which is evident with the name “Baffone” because of his characteristic mustache, which can be seen on their logo. Using fresh produce for every creation, Ugo works on flavor development, while Valentina mans the counter for their growing customer base. With a range of traditional favorites like hazelnut and pistachio, they stand out with there Americanized versions (Snickers, Oreo, After Eight) and their signature cocktail renditions. With flavors like Mojito and Aperol Spritz (!), how could anyone resist?

Gelato in Rome

Gelateria Gabriele, Vico Equense

Providing a selection of desserts and cheeses, Gelateria Gabriele is a firm favorite in Vico Equense. The café is filled with glass cases, showcasing delicious treats such as cheesecakes, pastries, pies and more. They also sell a selection of other produce, such as jams, oils, and pickled products. Regarding gelato (which is what we’re all here for, let’s be honest), they have all of the usual favorites, like coffee, chocolate, vanilla. Adding to that, they’ve got a few out of the ordinary that we can’t help but say we’d love to try, such as ricotta cheese and pear, or “English Soup”. It sounds much more delicious than the name, trust us!

A gelato counter in a gelateria

Bar Nettuno, Salerno

If you want to take dessert to the next level, Bar Nettuno in Salerno is where you’ve got to be! A self-proclaimed historic bar and ice-cream parlor, they have a gelato flavor for every craving and taste, with sweet, fruity and everything in between. What they do differently is combining products, such as filling pastries and brioche with artisanal ice-cream. Apparently, their gelato sandwich is worthy of an award, according to their customers! Needless to say, we’re intrigued. A trip to Salerno, anyone?

A gelato shop

Just so we cover all bases, here’s a few more gelato spots around the Amalfi Coast:

  • Chiosco Bar S. Francesco, Maoiri
  • Cioccolato e Gelato Andrea Pansa, Amalfi
  • Punto Freddo Gelateria, Salerno
  • Pasticceria Andrea Pansa, Amalfi
  • Collina Bakery, Positano
  • Sporta Marina, Amalfi
  • Geljada, Maoiri
  • Eco del Mare, Vietri sul Mare
  • A’Sciulia, Amalfi
  • Gelateria Mamma Mia, Maoiri

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