Planning a trip to Italy in the fall? After all, autumn is the season when there are fewer crowds, lower prices and cooler temperatures. But the food and the hospitality is still the best in class and you'll be in for an authentic Italian experience. This can start with a tour by City Wonders, but if you wish to read on, we'll tell you why you shouldn't underestimate this season!

The Weather

If you love a crispy, cool morning, pleasantly cold nights and plenty of sunny days in between, Italy in the autumn is the place you should be. The coastal Italian cities experience mild weather in the beginning of fall and the weather turns really cold only towards the end of November and December when temperature really starts to dip.

November has its share of rainy days interspersed with sunny days. All in all, it is still the kind of weather you look forward to on a relaxing holiday.

Festivals Galore

If you are visiting Italy in the fall, you can’t miss participating in the celebrations at a good number of festivals and cultural events. Music festivals, food festivals, the theatre and opera beckon the locals and visitors alike. It is a sacred time reflected in their name, sagra, stemming from sacred.

There are opportunities to take part in religious festivals like All Saints Day on November 1 and Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception on December 8. The grand churches and the little ones make for picture perfect memories at this time of the year.
Around this time, you can also see Italy gearing up to prepare for Christmas. Decorations, autumn cleaning, new clothes, food, shopping, Christmas markets, everything that makes you want to stay on in Italy for the winter too.

Enjoy Cities After Dark

Evenings set in early in the fall. But that actually means, you get to enjoy the beauty of the Italian cities after dark. Many of the historic monuments are lit up. This means you can look forward to spectacular guided tours of Florence, the Vatican, Rome, Pompeii & Amalfi, Milan – enjoy to your heart’s content!

Italian Food at Its Best

Nothing beats Italian food the way you get it in Italy. This is definitely one of the best reasons to book your tickets to Italy in the fall! Autumn has something wonderful in store for gourmands. Enjoy fresh truffles wherever you go, be it at truffle fairs or restaurants. Fresh mushrooms make their way to most restaurant dishes. And so do the best wines and olives.

Ready to Book?

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