Planning a visit to Barcelona? Even if not, you’ll want to after reading this post! There are endless things to do in the city during the day, but today we’re focusing on what to do at night during the summer. With gorgeous weather guaranteed, you’re bound to enjoy everything on our list, if we do say so ourselves!

Tibidabo at night, Barcelona, Spain

1. Tibidabo

Because it’s the highest point of Barcelona, there are some incredible views to be seen from Tibidabo. With an array of restaurants and bars throughout, you can enjoy a delicious meal or round of cocktails as you watch the twinkling lights of the city below or scour the skyline for Barcelona’s most famous monuments. Honestly? Count us in!

Magic Fountain, Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain

2. The Magic Fountain, Montjuïc

Imagine it. It’s the middle of summer; it’s a balmy evening, dusk is descending on Barcelona. A light show at the Magic Fountain is the perfect contender for the evening’s entertainment, right? The Magic Fountain is also known as Font Màgica to the Barcelonans, and it’s Barcelona’s largest ornamental fountain. It was built in 1929 for an exhibition and showcases 50 different colors during each show. It’s one of the center points and part of “Piromusical,” which is a part of Barcelona’s most popular festival, La Mercè. As one of Barcelona’s most popular tourist sites, it’s an essential nighttime activity in the city.

Casa Batllo at ngiht, Barcelona, Spain

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

3. Magic Nights at Casa Battló

Casa Battló is one of Gaudí most incredible structures, this much is clear. But have you ever visited it at night? With all of the extraordinary colors present throughout the building, lights, and windows, it’s quite the sight to see when it’s dark out! Casa Battló’s Magic Nights run from June until October and occur on the Dragon Roof Terrace. You’ll experience live music, delicious food and cocktails and movie screenings if you happen to attend. We also have a range of other Casa Battló and Gaudí tours for a well-rounded experience!

Fabra Observatory, Barcelona

4. A Moonlit Dinner at Fabra Observatory

For an exceptionally special evening, travel to the hills of Collserola Park for a moonlit dinner inspired by space, fittingly enough. You’ll eat a gourmet meal with delicious wine as you gaze at the stars above through the observatory’s range of telescopes. An ideal option for date night, if you ask me! You’ll also be able to watch the sunset as you gaze at the city skyline, which just sounds absolutely dreamy to me. Don’t you agree?

A boy watching movies at an open-air cinema

5. Watch Movies at Sala Montjuïc

Sala Montjuïc is Barcelona’s most famous open-air cinema, making it the perfect location for an evening of movie-watching. This year’s schedule presented a host of classics, such as West Side Story, Studio Ghibli’s Grave of the Fireflies, and the famed Psycho. Whether you’re out with your pals or planning date night, the gardens of Montjuïc Castle are an assured choice. Particularly during summer, seeing as the outdoor cinema runs from 1st of July to the 5th of August. That spells fate to me, don’t you think?

Sunset over Barcelona, Spain

Here’s more things to do in Barcelona at night during summer:

  • Free outdoor concerts in parks
  • Enjoy traditional Spanish tapas from a local restaurant
  • Go on a walking tour through El Born
  • Attending Barcelona’s summer festivals
  • Live performances at Poble Espanyol
  • Embrace the nightlife and go out dancing
  • Venture to some of Barcelona’s cocktail bars
  • Visit the Palau de la Música Catalana
  • Watch a traditional flamenco show
  • Listen to live jazz at Gaudí’s La Pedrera

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