Because what’s a trip to Barcelona without a day or two at the beach? Or should we say, some of Barcelona’s best beaches? With the city’s incredible year-round climate, you’d be crazy to not want to spend a few hours basking in the sunshine. It’s all for the sake of absorbing that oh-so-essential vitamin D, right? So yes, we can justify being lazy for health benefits. Now, where’s the sun loungers? Our tan needs topping up, stat…

Ocata Playa beach, Barcelona, Spain

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1. Ocata Playa

The beach of Ocata is located in El Masnou just outside of the city. With its crystal-clear waters and supple sands, the comfortable spot has stunning views as far as the eye can see. On warmer off-duty days, you’ll see numerous sports events occurring here, like volleyball and rugby tournaments. And if you’re hungry, why not pop down to one of the chiringuitos for some tapas and Sangria? We’re pretty much sold already, can we go now?

Zona de Banys beach, Barcelona, Spain

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2. Zona de Banys

Zona de Banys isn’t exactly your typical Spanish beach, but hear us out. We’re all about versatility here, right? To cut right to the chase: it doesn’t have sand. A weird thought, we know. It’s essentially a giant swimming pool filled with salt water. This can be a good thing though, as it’s minus a current and shallow in depth, so it’s ideal for families with children, especially those who are young and just learning to swim. It also has concrete edging and panels throughout, making it ideal to sit by the water for a paddle or a picnic. It’s definitely not your traditional day at the beach, but it’s worth giving a go anyway!

Castelldefels beach, Barcelona, Spain

3. Castelldefels

Another bustling spot, Castelldefels beach is an easy 15-minute commute from the center of Barcelona. Presenting a 5km stretch of beach, you’ll see boats-a-plenty harbored along the shore, giving this beach a true seaside feel. You can also get involved, as you’ll see plenty of people kite surfing and playing water sports. With several restaurants, bars and a beach club along the sands, you’ll be well-fed and refreshed as you spend a day lounging at Castelldefels beach.

Barceloneta beach, Barcelona, Spain

4. Barceloneta

Linked directly to the fishing quarter of the same name, Barceloneta is one of the city’s oldest and most well-known beaches, established as a firm favorite among its residents. There’s a range of services available at Barceloneta beach, such as bathrooms, showers, sun loungers, umbrellas, and even wi-fi. Heaven forbid we say that, you might be going on holiday to take a break from the internet! It’s very well looked after too, with lifeguards and police located nearby in case of emergencies. And not to forget the food! With multiple bars, restaurants and ice-cream stands littered throughout, you’ll satisfy every cuisine-related craving here with ease.

St. Paul'sbeach, Barcelona, Spain

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5. St. Paul’s

If less hustle and more relaxation are your thing, then St. Paul’s is the place to be! A much quieter atmosphere that hits high on the serenity scale, this pristine beach is an ideal location to lounge under an umbrella with a good book. With soft sands and foaming waters, you can wander along the coastline, polishing off the evening with a delicious dinner and a bottle of wine. Sounds just blissful, eh?

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